The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Joshua sure misses his sister and playmate. They are stuck like glue at home.

In spite of the craziness and all the melties yesterday, Hua Hua recovered quite well. Thanks to your prayers and the mercy of our Lord.

As of last night the Dr starting talking... extubate. Yes, I said it, EXTUBATE! He said she recover from trying moments well and her numbers continue to look good.

Right now her Oxygen Saturation level in her blood is at 94, which is great and if she continues to hold Saturation in the 90's, along with healthy pressure they have made a plan to extubate. Their goal is: tomorrow noon! Yes, seriously, she may be coming off the ventilator tomorrow!

She will have to be successful to meet these goals, and stay off too.

PLEASE PRAY because there are a lot of factors that have to be successful for the extubation and this is stressful to her body:

1) She is off Nitric Oxide completely as of this AM!

2) Her Oxygen assistance in the ventilator machine is giving her 80%, they will wean it by 10s every 4 hours starting now.

3) Her Oxygen BPM (breaths per minute) assistance with the ventilator is 20. She will be weaned down by 2 every 4 hours until they get to 10 so that she will have to breath herself in between and then they will just cut when they are ready.

4) Her sedation and pain medications are heavy and addictive. They will start weaning from several of them, bit by bit starting this afternoon. They make her breathing weak and she depends on the machine to breath, so she has to come down off a few.

5) She needs to have a BM. Sorry to be so frank, but they have been feeding her though a tube and she hasn't had one, and they really like to see one! Who wouldn't!? :)

I will let you know how she is doing tomorrow!

Here are prayers answered from yesterday!:

Her central line was fixed and they started her on a new strong sedative. I'm not sure I am thrilled about more drugs, but she is sleeping and pain free. They have planned her changeover to lighter doses for weaning.

Her fever has been down for over 12 hours. Thank you!

Like I said, she tolerated being taken off the Nitric Oxide, yay!


  1. So thankful that she's getting better. I will continue to pray for her.

  2. Yay!! Praise the Lord! I'm so happy to hear good news :) Dmitry didn't BM for almost a week...his belly was so swollen that he didn't even have a belly button anymore :)

  3. Prayed those prayers just now.

  4. yay! I hope the news is even better tomorrow,

  5. Praise the Lord! Praying for continued recovery!

  6. I couldn't wait to come home and check on her!! So happy to see some great news!! Co ntinued prayers are coming your way!!!

  7. Oh thank goodness for the better day for you both. Yay for the improvements! Continuing to think of you and send prayers your way.

  8. Thanking God for the progress! Praying there are no hold up with the extubation!

  9. Very thankful to hear this hopeful news!!!! Praying and "breathing" as I pray that the breath of God Himself will puff into those lungs and perfect them for her excellent use. Praying all the rest too!
    I am glad she is getting rest and peace before the transition! Looking forward to the transition!

  10. Hope things are still going well for your precious little girl!

  11. What a little trooper! Praying for you now! Hugs to you all.

  12. Woohooo....atta girl Katie Grace!!! Thank you Lord Jesus!!!!

  13. Praise the Lord! Praying for continued good news from here on out!

  14. So glad to hear such good news!! She is a toughy, a fighter and she WILL make it!!
    I keep praying for her and your family!!
    Love, M xx

  15. So proud of you Katie Face keep up the good work!!!!


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