The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yes, once again, I have been out of blog land for several weeks. So when I say that I will get used to time management with now 4 kids, I guess I mean in about 5 years, LOL! Besides, we have been concentrating on other things here at the house, like Hua Hua's appointments, school, activities, work, etc!

Good news! Hua WILL be having her heart surgery! It is schedule for February 29th!

Our tiny little peanut turned 4 yesterday, Feb 7th! I will do a little more in depth "report" on how far she has progressed since coming home, at her 6 month home mark. But for today, I just want to celebrate her VERY SPECIAL DAY.

Katie Grace's Birthday is a VERY SPECIAL DAY because we will celebrate it with such joy in knowing God gave her life in a time and in a place where her entrance into life may not have been welcomed in the way she deserved. Nevertheless, He spared her, and someone cared enough to spare her. He placed her in our hearts and we began our journey to her.

Here she is! Smiling, dancing, laughing, talking, playing, directing, snuggling, hugging, kissing, and well, just basically marching around our house entertaining us all and wearing us out!

What a Birthday gift to us indeed!

Christina and Katie Grace on the tram heading into the Magic Kingdom!

Just had to post this because Joshua's face is making me laugh! Still on the tram from the parking lot.

Main Street USA in front of Cinderella's Castle!

A must-stop in Adventure Land for delicious pineapple ice cream! One of our favorites!

Well, she definitely is one ours, because Hua Hua loved the pineapple ice cream too!

Katie Grace and Joshua patiently waiting for Captain Jack Sparrow!

Those pirates are funny!!

Matthew (13) having a great day too! He decided to have a seat in the stroller during the show. Comfy Matt??

Katie Grace wasn't so sure about those pirates.....

Captain Jack Sparrow was fantastic!!

What a fun show! Mom happens to know these funny pirates!

I was cheering away, as you can see, Hua Hua wasn't so sure about being so close to them!

I must have been totally enthralled, she, still not sure, lol!

Some of the kids got to go onstage and become pirates! Joshua was SO HAPPY and took the pirate oath loudly!!!! Hua Hua was so excited! She just kept looking at me and waving and jumping up and down with excitement.

Captain Jack Sparrow came up to the kids to give them a special farewell!

Opening their scrolls!

Ok, good bye pirates! Now it's time to find some princesses!

Katie Grace couldn't believe her eyes when she walked into a room with 3 princesses!!!!! She was just ENTHRALLED!!

Sleeping Beauty woke up and took some photos with the kids! She was so lovely!!!

Belle certainly was a Beauty, not a Beast! Um Belle, I don't remember that dress being so.... well.. ummm... :) Oh well! She was wonderful!

Cinderella was Hua Hua's favorite! Hua Hua was just in heaven! Cinderella was so nice and beautiful and talked with her! I love this pic!

Christina hopped into a pic with Cinderella because she happens to feel as though she and Cinderella are "good friends" ;) .... Almost as if they've known each other "for a long time" ;)

Nothing like a big sister to hold you after a long day of walking! Even if you are a very large 6 year old!

Joshua, Matthew and Katie Grace sitting on the Monster Laugh Floor sign, just before we went in for the show! I happen to work there and "know" those Monsters quite well! ;)


Snack time.

Ok, AND NOW, it was time for The Mouse, The Big Cheese, The payer of my paychecks... Mickey Mouse! Hua Hua went crazy when she saw him, shouting, "Mickey! Mickey!" and dancing and hopping around him, giggling! I honestly believe that he was actually overjoyed at the moment too because we were all laughing, including the assistants, and Mickey was dancing around too with her for several moments and looking at us and making fun gestures!

She still was just giggling with joy! Joshua thought this all was pretty funny!

The kids had a nice group pic!

Hua's Hua'a face at seeing Minnie Mouse live for the 1st time!

There's Minnie and the whole gang in the show at the Castle Stage!

And finally, to end the day, fireworks!

Many hungry children near the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand-click on photo