The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Friday, April 23, 2010


This old sun dial is a good way to watch time pass! Which brings me to the fact that here we are, 5 months on the waiting list. I read on the adoption yahoo group the other day that several families are now well past their 3 year mark of waiting, with still no sign of referral. This is a bit disheartening. I knew that it could possibly be up to 3 years, but now it is looking more and more like the norm and even extending past that. I know we made a change to a child up to 48 months, but there's no way to know if that is going to shorten our wait any. Only time will tell. Obviously. :) Okay, so I will keep a positive attitude for another month, and then next month I will probably leave a similar post, and well, this will probably go on for a looong while so bear with me!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Our friend, Tami was (is still?) doing a fundraiser and was receiving a percentage of sales toward her adoption. The boutique is and "NannyJo" makes the most adorable dresses! So I just had to order one for Katie Grace to help the fundraiser. I ordered the green gingham ladybug dress below along with the knee length ruffled bloomers and hair bow. Obviously the dress below has another child's monogrammed name on it, but isn't it the cutest? I wasn't sure what size to order for a possibly 2-4 year old girl, so I ordered a 3T- I imagine that will work out fine. I unfortunately didn't have it monogrammed for a few reasons, one- I am quite practical and would like to pass it on, and two- what if it doesn't fit? ! Then I have to give it to another little sweetie.

Ok, so I have another confession. I was shopping the other day and I came across some little spring dresses that were marked WAY down. So I bought 3. I haven't been shopping for myself very often anymore as I am saving for the adoption, but I thought I could get something for katie Grace. Besides, it keeps me encouraged to see those little dresses. I really am trying to be confident about this adoption! Well, after all of this paperwork, waiting, and saving- I have to be! Here are the 3T and 2 4T dresses I just got the other day.

After I bought these few dresses, I went to find some of the dresses that I saved from Christina when she was a little girl. Now Christina was a girlie-girl. She LOVED to wear dresses, bows and fancy sandals. I loved to put dresses on her, so we were a match made in Heaven, (although I am a jeans and T-shirt girl myself)! So here are some of the dresses I had saved of hers. I believe there may be more somewhere around here, I just have to find them. Here are all the dresses. She has 3T up to 8 here.

I didn't realize what a jump I had on dresses for Katie Grace. Now watch, she'll turn out to be a rough and tumble- jeans and T-shirt- tom boy! That's okay, I'll take that! Believe me, we don't just do dresses, it just so happened those are what I've saved because almost everything else was worn out. I'll have to go find the boxes and see what else I saved....

Monday, April 12, 2010

RUSSIAN JOURNALIST CALLS FOR EUTHANASIA OF DISABLED NEWBORNS- APPALLING! Click here to go to video and hear the journalist speak

I came across this article yesterday, and frankly, it made me sick. But I also think it is important to know what some people's mindsets are in the world. Especially if it is a journalist who has a public voice. What does this remind me of? Well, the beginning of the extermination of millions of people in Nazi Germany. To read more about the beautiful adoption of a down's syndrome girl, click on the "Bringing Kellsey Home" button on my sidebar.

Journalist calls for euthanasia of disabled newborns

Published 08 February, 2010, 15:29

Edited 11 March, 2010, 14:08

The article titled “Finish it off so it doesn’t suffer,” which calls for the euthanasia of disabled newborn children, has caused public outrage in Russia and has led to fierce debates in the blogging community.

In the article under question, the author Aleksandr Nikonov argues that the birth of a disabled child for many families would be an unbearable tragedy, “a hell”, and that “the killing of the newborn is in fact the same as an abortion”. He states that depriving infants, who will never be able to take care of themselves, of life is “true humanism”. He also calls to give parents of such children a right to euthanize their newborns, like relatives of patients in a vegetative state can allow doctors to shut down life support.

Read more

The provocative text which described disabled newborns as “defective blanks” and “newborn idiots” naturally caused uproar among people who have mentally-challenged family members as well as human rights activists. The fiercest critics said Nikonov’s ideas paralleled those of the Nazis, who made euthanasia of mentally-ill part of state policy, killing tens of thousands of institutionalized people. Others pointed out that he was plainly wrong in his judgment of how disabled children are treated by their families.

“The author is not raising a disabled child – that is why his generalized conclusions about the life of disabled people and their families… are just speculations. As a mother of a disabled child, and based on my experience, I state that these speculations have nothing to do with the reality,” said Svetlana Shtarkova, who, along with another disabled child’s mother, Snezhana Mitina, has written a letter to the Board of the Union of Russian Journalists.

Following the complaint, the Union of Russian Journalists gathered an ad hoc session of a public board to discuss the article. The board accused the author of the article of breaching professional ethics, adding that he should have realized he was humiliating people who are already bringing up disabled kids. The newspaper where the controversial article was published was also criticized by the board for not presenting any material to balance Nikonov’s piece.

The author disagrees with the criticism and defends his position: “You make people suffer for the sake of ideologies and interpretations of humanism you have in your head. What we offer is choice, and you wrap it inside out, presenting it as if we call for killing of all those disabled people. Nothing like that! We don’t stand against wheel cart ramps or your right to bring up disabled children, we stand for the right to choose,” he told the board.

He says even his original headline read “Commander, finish me to spare the suffering,” is a well-recognized reference to a war-time model scenario, where a wounded soldier asks that he be sacrificed so as not to slow down his retreating squad.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here is the article below regarding the mother who bought her 7 yr. old adopted son a plane ticket and sent him back to Russia 3 days ago. She is his legal mother now, you can't just send him back!! Now don't get me wrong, I do know that families can become extremely stressed with a newly adopted child, and have second thoughts, or even wonder if they can handle a difficult child at all, but there are about a million other steps a person can take before disruption, and of course, before doing something crazy like this! Now hundreds of families who are waiting to complete their Russian adoptions, may not get to do so. This is heartbreaking.
April 9, 2010, 3:10 PM

Shipping an Adopted Son Back to Russia

There is understandable outrage in Russia after an American woman shipped her adopted 7-year-old son back to Moscow yesterday, declaring him to be “mentally unstable.”

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergev Lavrov responded this morning by demanding that all Russia-to-United States adoptions be frozen. That chill will likely affect hundreds of American families; there were 1,600 Russian children adopted in the U.S. last year. My colleague Clifford J. Levy, reportingfrom Moscow, quoted one family whose adoption plans now appear to be on hold:

An American couple who was nearing the end of the process of adopting a Russian baby reacted with despair to the news that the Russian government would suspend adoptions. The couple, who asked that their names not be used to avoid offending the Russian authorities, had already visited Moscow once to take care of the legal procedures, and was planning to return soon to receive the baby.

“My heart is sinking,” the father said. “We knew about laws changing in midstream, that these foreign governments are very bureaucratic, and that there is a lot of posturing that causes delays. But we picked Russia because it seemed like we had a pretty good chance. Now we don’t know what to do.”

The boy, Artyom Savelyev, (whose mother had renamed him Justin) showed up at the Russian Education and Science Ministry on Thursday afternoon accompanied by a Russian man who had apparently been paid $200 by the family to meet the boy’s United Airlines flight when it arrived in Moscow from Washington. The child’s trip had begun earlier in Shelbyville, Tenn., where he has lived since his adoption in September with his adoptive mother, Torry Hansen, and her mother, Nancy.

Nancy Hansen had accompanied Artyom on the leg from Tennessee to Washington, then she put him on the Moscow-bound flight with a one-way ticket as an “unaccompanied minor.” He was carrying a Russian passport and a letter from his mother, which the AP quotes as saying:

“This child is mentally unstable. He is violent and has severe psychopathic issues. I was lied to and misled by the Russian Orphanage workers and director regarding his mental stability and other issues. … After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends, and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child.”

This is not the first sour ending to a Russian adoption in recent years. The Russian government lists 14 cases of Russian adoptees dying of abuse or neglect while living with their American parents since 1996.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This isn't the child we are waiting for, but this is the child whose family is dying to bring him home! This is Jeremiah. He is a special needs boy who needs constant care. How many people would CHOOSE to have a child with serious special needs? How many people would be crying every night, LONGING to adopt a child with serious special needs? Not a lot of us have the heart and strength and feel we have the ability to care for a child with these needs. But this friend, Tami, can't think of anything she would rather do in the whole world than bring home and care for Jeremiah's every need. God made her a person who has more love in her heart than most people I know, including me! This will be Tami's second SN adoption. In the U.S., SN children who are given up by their parents receive some quality care throughout their lives. It is not perfect care, but in most cases, acceptable care. In many other countries a child with SN is not acceptable in society and their future is VERY BLEAK. Most likely to end up in a crib in an institution, forever. Please help Tami bring Jeremiah home. She is down to the wire, Taiwan needs her to travel soon and she has not raised all of her funds. She cannot imagine not bringing Jeremiah home to love him and give him the care he needs. Here is a link to her blog.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a blessed day and celebrated in your favorite traditional way. We colored Easter eggs yesterday after the Easter egg hunt at church. This morning the kids searched for their baskets and eggs that the Easter Bunny hid throughout the house during the night. Then we all got dressed and went to church for a beautiful outdoor service to celebrate the true meaning of the day- the joy of our Christ's resurrection from the dead and the forgiveness of our sins so that we can come to Him in peace knowing that He accepts and loves us just as we are. He is a loving God who cares about our needs and our peace. He is not a God who expects perfection, nor does He sit at a distance, unreachable. He is present and ready for relationship.
John 3:17- For God sent not His son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.

Joshua set up and preparing to color his eggs, and yes, he's dressed for making a mess!

And the masterpieces begin!

Look at these beauties! That cute face is my favorite part!

Matthew's turn! Christina and her friend Alexis did some too.

Found my basket!

Matthew's basket was hidden in the oven. That silly Easter Bunny! We also got some awesome crafts from Lolli and Pops!

The boys clean and ready for Church. They don't stay that clean for long so I catch a picture when I can!

"Christinaaaa.....please come out for a picture." "Wait Mom, I'm still straightening my hair."
Classic moments in our conversations. She's probably the most awesome teenager a mom could ever have.

My 3 kiddos- I love 'em!

Annie and Jacob

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today, Jacob and I and the boys went to the annual Easter egg hunt at our church. Christina had other plans. Here are the pictures I took. So I told Jacob that I would love a new camera for Christmas. This camera we have has been fine for the past many years, but I want one that will take high quality pictures, and I need it to be affordable. And by saying that I want it affordable, I actually have done absolutely zero research yet and have no idea what the costs are or what I need! Do any of you awesome picture taking blogging moms have any recommendations?

Joshua is ready for some egg hunting!

Matthew and Josh had some fun climbing in this old tree while we waited.

Waiting for the signal to go.

And he's off!

There are lots of kids here, it's open to the community.

Not sure what Joshie's doing, but dad sure looks cute!! xoxoxo

Me and my boys!

Many hungry children near the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand-click on photo