The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well, I took a blogging hiatus.  It was not an official hiatus.  It was not a planned hiatus.  A hiatus non-the-less and it has lasted 3 months, believe it or not!  I've been a little lax keeping up with my posts in the past, but I have never gone this long without posting or without visiting any of my dear friends' blogs!

This time, there were things in my life that I needed to concentrate on at home.  Life.  Draining and sometimes dramatic life.   Now I am with it again, at least somewhat, and am ready to get back to blog world.  I love blog world, by the way.  

I want to go back a bit and catch up!  My last post was the beginning of Sept, so here goes....

First I will start with Marching Band/Football Season!  Christina made Drum Major of her high school marching band and what a delight it was to watch her grow this season in her leadership and conducting!  It's her senior year and last year of band.  We are so proud of her! 

Christina Leading the Band. They received a Superior (the highest) Rating overall at judging!

Hua Hua Cheering on the Team!  She is doing wonderfully by the way!  Her health is good, heart is healed and is such a joy to our family, I can't even tell you!!!  

Joshua Having Fun at the Game.  Sweetie face!

Matthew on the right with his best friend Hunter on the left.  I love teenage boys, they are so easy going and helpful!

We spent every Friday night at the high school football field, and every Saturday watching college football.  This is an Auburn Football household.  You can see the kids wear their game day best on Saturdays!

Two little Tigers enjoying a treat

Our wonderful sweet Joshua turned 7 on September 29th!!!   I am sorry that I didn't do a post just for his Birthday, but I am so happy to have this dear, happy, thinker as my little boy. He just makes my day, everyday!!

Birthday Friends had fun together, making treats and painting. 

For Joshua's Birthday, Lolli and Pops took our family to the Orlando Science Center and we had a great day exploring!  The kids here are unearthing a dinosaur!   

October is still very warm here in Central Florida, but we try to pretend like it was nearing fall type weather!  ;-)  Kids' fall activities were well underway.  Matthew had Solo and Ensemble Judging where he received a superior rating on his violin piece!

Good work, Matt!

Then of course, Halloween came around and the kids loved every minute of that!!!   Hua Hua had a party at school that day...

Sweet little Pre-K-ers 

Then that night, the kids went trick-or-treating!

Chrstina (17),  Matthew (13),  Joshua (7),  Katie Grace (4) 

November blew past so fast!!  Jacob's parents came from Mobile for Thanksgiving and we had such a nice time!   I have more pictures on my phone, but realized I don't upload as often from there as I do from my camera, so here is my Thanksgiving pic:

TA-DAH!!  A couple of cute faces, ready to do some serious eating!!  

We also did a photo shoot for the Christmas card.  Here is a nice moment with all of us together.

With Lolli and Pops

While Jacob's parents were here, Lolli took the kids to the park for a photo shoot.  She captured the cutest pics of them!!!

Well, that was our Fall as quick as I could in a post!  Now I can try to keep up better again as we plan for Christmas!!  

Many hungry children near the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand-click on photo