The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HAITI ORPHANS RESCUE! (click here to read more)

I am so excited to hear that 61 Haitian orphans, who were in the process of adoption, were flown to Pennsylvania in the US yesterday and today to receive humanitarian refuge! Also 100 Haitian orphans, in the same situation, were flown to the Netherlands today as well! I thought it would never happen with all of the bureaucracy involved with adoption and immigration in our countries. I read that the children were given visas, while they wait for their paperwork to be completed, so that the would not have to be returned to their devastated country! This beautiful and innocent children were spared! Now many families who were in the process of adopting these children will be able to complete the process with the children in safe hands. Please pray and inquire of your state to reach out to the thousands of other orphanages devastated in the event. There are families ready and willing to adopt the children who are legal orphans here in the US and I imagine in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe as well. I'm not sure how that process or if that process would be possible during this time, but God can do amazing things and move mountains for the good of the innocent!
On a side thought, my last post only spoke of the negative issues in Haiti, and after reading it again, I wanted to state some positive things about the Haitian people. The Haitians I work with are beautiful, smiling, hard working people who are survivors and have a hope in God for their families left behind and for their Nation.

Deut. 10:18 He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

PRAY FOR HAITI AND THEIR ORPHANS (click on this title to go to the Red Cross homepage and donate!)

If you have not heard of the devastation in Haiti due to the 7.0 earthquake, all you have to do is tune into any news station and hear of this horrible tragedy. I spent a good portion of the day yesterday watching the heartbreaking coverage. I have often been saddened by the condition of Haiti - this is an extremely impoverished country. I had recently read about how mothers have to make "mud cakes" for their children to eat- taking mud, straw, oil, salt and baking small cakes to fill their hungry children's bellies. I have many coworkers who come from Haiti, who are praying for their families there right now. Many of these people come here and work for many years until they can afford to have their families join them. They speak of the poverty, unbelievable hunger, violence, and their deep fear of "black magic" which is steeped in their society. Over the past 15 years, thousands of poor, homeless and orphans are sought out and shot by violent men who are instructed to eliminate the "waste" of society. Orphanages had to keep their gates chained from intruders.
Please take a minute and pray for the people in Haiti. I pray that the world will see their need, act in a big way, and perhaps Haiti can be rebuilt even stronger than it was before. I pray that anyone still living who is buried, will be found. I pray that parents and children will not be separated in the chaos and will be kept safe from violence. I pray that all of the convicted felons who escaped will be found. And I pray that God will bring relief to all of the hurting people's needs.
On a positive note, I have read of 4 orphanages having much damage, but not a single injury to the children. I am hoping to hear more good news like this.
Let's be active in giving at this time to help this country rebuild and heal!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Matthew turned 11 this week! He is a sweet natured and easy going son. He brings us so much joy.
Happy Birthday, Matthew!


As I mentioned on an earlier post, I want to learn some Mandarin Chinese for our adoption. I know taking on the task of learning an Asian language will be very difficult without formal classes with a Chinese instructor to help me with accenting. (very different from the latin root languages) My husband got me the most wonderful gift for Christmas to help me get started- it's called, "Simple Language Chinese For Adoptive Families". It is a book and CD specializing in learning phrases that pertain to our situation in particular! The book has the phrases written out in English, and the official written chinese with the English alphabet, and also phonetically. Following along with the CD and the Chinese instructors accenting slowly. I am aware that I may not master it, but this will be a fun project and who knows, maybe I will learn a little! After all, we have a couple of years of waiting to do! Even my kids have learned several phrases as we drive in the car. Once I feel comfortable with more of it and since I work at Epcot (WDW), I will go and ask some friends from the China pavilion to help me out!
Here are some of the phrases I've memorized just in the past few weeks:

I am your mommy. Wo shi ni de ma ma. Waw shir nee duh mah mah.
I am your daddy. Wo shi ni de ba ba. Waw shir nee duh bah bah.
This is your sister. Zhe shi ni de jie jie. Juh shir nee duh jyeh jyeh.
This is your brother. Zhe shi ni de ge ge. Juh shir nee duh guh guh.
You are my daughter. Ni shi wo de nuu er. Nee shir waw duh new er.
You are my son. Ni shi wo de er zi. Nee shir waw duh er dzuh.
We love you so much! Wo men fei chang ai ni! Waw mun fay chahng eye nee.
You are so precious. Ni shi bao bei. Nee shir baow bay.
Don't be afraid. Bu yao hai pa. Boo yaow hi pah.
Don't worry. Bu yao dan xin. Boo yaow dahn sheen.
It's okay. Mei you guan xi. May yo gwan shee.
Can I hold you? Wo bao ni hao ma? Waw baow nee how mah?
Are you hungry? Ni e ma? Nee uh mah?
Are you thirsty? Ni ke ma? Nee kuh mah?
Yes. Shi. Shir.
No. Bu shi. Boo shir.
Hello. Ni hao. Nee how.
Goodbye. Zai jian. Tsai jyan.
How are you? Ni hao ma? Nee how mah?
Good. Hao. How.
Bad. Huai. Hwhy.
Please. Qing. Cheeng.
Thank you. Xie xie ni. Shyeh shyeh nee.

I'll add more phrases in a few weeks and we can all learn together!

Many hungry children near the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand-click on photo