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The Crew
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

PRAY FOR HAITI AND THEIR ORPHANS (click on this title to go to the Red Cross homepage and donate!)

If you have not heard of the devastation in Haiti due to the 7.0 earthquake, all you have to do is tune into any news station and hear of this horrible tragedy. I spent a good portion of the day yesterday watching the heartbreaking coverage. I have often been saddened by the condition of Haiti - this is an extremely impoverished country. I had recently read about how mothers have to make "mud cakes" for their children to eat- taking mud, straw, oil, salt and baking small cakes to fill their hungry children's bellies. I have many coworkers who come from Haiti, who are praying for their families there right now. Many of these people come here and work for many years until they can afford to have their families join them. They speak of the poverty, unbelievable hunger, violence, and their deep fear of "black magic" which is steeped in their society. Over the past 15 years, thousands of poor, homeless and orphans are sought out and shot by violent men who are instructed to eliminate the "waste" of society. Orphanages had to keep their gates chained from intruders.
Please take a minute and pray for the people in Haiti. I pray that the world will see their need, act in a big way, and perhaps Haiti can be rebuilt even stronger than it was before. I pray that anyone still living who is buried, will be found. I pray that parents and children will not be separated in the chaos and will be kept safe from violence. I pray that all of the convicted felons who escaped will be found. And I pray that God will bring relief to all of the hurting people's needs.
On a positive note, I have read of 4 orphanages having much damage, but not a single injury to the children. I am hoping to hear more good news like this.
Let's be active in giving at this time to help this country rebuild and heal!


  1. Thanks for posting! We are donating and hoping that soon a lot of rescue will come from all corners of the world!


Many hungry children near the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand-click on photo