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The Crew
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HAITI ORPHANS RESCUE! (click here to read more)

I am so excited to hear that 61 Haitian orphans, who were in the process of adoption, were flown to Pennsylvania in the US yesterday and today to receive humanitarian refuge! Also 100 Haitian orphans, in the same situation, were flown to the Netherlands today as well! I thought it would never happen with all of the bureaucracy involved with adoption and immigration in our countries. I read that the children were given visas, while they wait for their paperwork to be completed, so that the would not have to be returned to their devastated country! This beautiful and innocent children were spared! Now many families who were in the process of adopting these children will be able to complete the process with the children in safe hands. Please pray and inquire of your state to reach out to the thousands of other orphanages devastated in the event. There are families ready and willing to adopt the children who are legal orphans here in the US and I imagine in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe as well. I'm not sure how that process or if that process would be possible during this time, but God can do amazing things and move mountains for the good of the innocent!
On a side thought, my last post only spoke of the negative issues in Haiti, and after reading it again, I wanted to state some positive things about the Haitian people. The Haitians I work with are beautiful, smiling, hard working people who are survivors and have a hope in God for their families left behind and for their Nation.

Deut. 10:18 He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing.


  1. yes isnt' that fantastic! I can't believe they did it but so glad they did.

  2. I'm gravely concerned about the misguided do-gooders who are removing these children from their home cultures. There are many orphans wanting for adoption here already.

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  4. ooops! I'll try this again!
    Hi Anonymous,
    I do appreciate comments and posts of various views on my blog because it gets a great dialogue going! I am guessing that because you are "gravely concerned", you are already involved or volunteering in the foster care system domestically or in the orphan community world wide to help relieve the needs of children? When you speak of "misguided do- gooders", are you referring to those who have chosen to adopt a child in need of a home? I'm not exactly sure which part you consider misguided? I would so much rather be a "do- gooder" who has to try many routes, changing directions at every closed door, to succeed in helping others and making a difference, or to give a child a family, than a person who only talks about how things should be. I'm not saying that you are the latter, but I hear many who talk, but don't act. Anyway, aside from the critical, I do understand your concerns. I will write my next 2 posts about my views on adoption and hopefully it will shed some light on why your comments, although they make sense, aren't as easy as you might think. Please feel free to discuss!


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