The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today we had a lot of fun! It was my mother-in-law, Susan's birthday and many people came to celebrate!

Happy Birthday, Lolli!! Oh that cake was goooood!

Joshua and Matthew with their cousin, Jonathan.

Jacob with his cousin, Joe.

Jacob with his good friends, Amber and Jason.

Our friend, Lynn's cute little girl, Sarah.

Joshua with Turner! They had a lot of fun playing together today!

Uncle Nolan with his parents, Jim and Cathy.

Matthew caught a big one! :)

Christina and Mattew, happy summer kids!

Jacob and I just relaxing!

Matthew cruisin' down the zip-line!! Jacob had to stand at the end catching the boys.

Joshie's turn on the zip-line!! Go Josh!

Joshua decided to try tubing behind the boat! Big brother Matthew, holds onto him!

An awesome bug sitting on the picnic table.

Matthew and Uncle Nolan, taking the Kayak out for a spin!

Joshua ready to go!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


We had a great day here at Lay Lake today. More activities and fun!

Matthew took the raft out this morning.

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Once Matthew had mastered it, he took Josh out for a round.

A couple of super cute photos of Christina!

I usually am not in the pics very often, but Christina took a few of me.

Probably the only photo I will get of my sister-in-law, Susanna. She has her pregnant belly in the circle of the innertube!

Uncle Nolan hitting the waves.

Christina and Josh on the boat!

Christina and Matthew tubing behind the boat!

Rockin' the raft!!

Daddy letting Josh drive the boat!

Lolli gave the kids each a journal to record the fun they have each day.

Friday, June 25, 2010


We have already had a day of summer fun here at Lay Lake!

Joshua is playing "baby T-Rex" in the water!

Lolli is keeping an eye on the boys swimming. She made a delicious spaghetti dinner with french bread, okra and tomatoes for us. Then a blackberry and a peach pie ala mode. The blackberries were picked straight from her garden! So yummy!

Uncle Nolan floating on the raft. The kids think he is a ton of fun! Aunt Susanna is here too, but she won't let me catch a pic of her as she is almost 8 months pregnant. I totally get that, but maybe I'll convince her to let me get just one.... :)

Jacob and Uncle Nolan are ready for a raft war!

Uncle Nolan wins!

Here is a view of the lake house from the shore. It is a beauty!

Daddy and Josh just having fun!

I was taking a shot of Matthew jumping in, but the funny part of this pic is Uncle Nolan peeking over the edge of the dock. He is always doing something crazy.

Matthew in action!!

I love this pic of Joshua's sweet face!

Matthew chillin' on the boat.

Pops teaching Joshua how to fish. Joshua thinks Pops hung the moon.

Matthew and Jacob have already decided to spend a lot of time fishing.


We are on vacation, officially! We are in Alabama at Lay Lake, but stopped in Auburn (Jacob's alma mater and the Haines Family home town,) We love Auburn and a tradition is to stop into Toomer's Corner Drug (1856) and have one of their famous lemonades. Here are some photos from when we stopped on the way through today!

Christina and Matthew enjoying their lemonade!

Toomer's famous lemonade!

Joshua and his friend, Tuner, our friend Sarah's daughter. She's a dolly!

Sarah and Turner with my husband, Jacob. Sarah and Jacob have been friends for years.

Matthew, Christina and Joshua outside Toomer's.

The kids in Auburn!

Many hungry children near the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand-click on photo