The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Every June, Christina has an end of the year recital for dance. She has grown to be such a beautiful dancer and I enjoy watching her and all of her friends perform what they have learned throughout the year. The recital is VERY long, and there are two on recital day along with a full dress rehearsal day, but I stick with her through it all! It was an exhausting weekend of A LOT of driving back and forth 45 miles away, but worth watching them perform their hearts out!

I am waiting to receive the official yearly "dance portraits", and it isn't easy to get her and stop for a photo after the performance, but here are a couple of cute shots I took.

One is of Christina and her boyfriend, yes, I said boyfriend! I know you may be thinking, Yikes! A boyfriend at 15? But believe me, we keep it all very innocent. They see each other at school and occasionally have "group dates" at Disney or at the movies, with careful planning. His mom was nice enough to drive him all the way to the city of the recital and I brought him home. He is a very nice and friendly young man.

The other photo is of Christina with one of the little girls who she assists teaching at the studio. This little girl is a darling and a bundle of energy! ( I'm not posting their names for their privacy :) ) Christina assists teaching 3 classes of little 5-6 year olds and she loves that!


  1. What a beautiful young lady. They look adorable together :)

  2. maya's recital is tonight, starts at 6pm (Maya is in bed at home by 7pm) so we will see how it goes, plus I'm in charge of the 3-4 year old in her class. We will see how it goes, hopefully no crying form any of them we also had a night rehersal and like you are over an hour away as well.

  3. I love to see kids who have a passion for something! She just looks so beautiful, I can't wait to see some official pictures :-)


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