The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Sunday, June 20, 2010


We are so thankful for dads! Happy Father's Day to Jacob, my husband! He is an awesome, loving dad. I continue to thank God for your love, friendship and partnership!

Thank you for always joining in to play and to teach the kids!

Thank you for taking time to teach them exciting skills and allowing them to take part!

Thank you for attending all of the events in their lives and supporting their achievements!

This is my Dad and my Mom who have always been so special to me and dear to my heart! I miss them so much, having lived far away for so many years. I cherish our visits! I missed posting on Mother's Day, so I wanted to give thanks for my mom too!

We love when Lolli and Pops come to visit, there is always fun in store! Pops is fun and loving and is always ready for whatever comes his way! He is definitely a giver and a doer. Lolli is a mom that we could not live without!

This is Christina and Matthew's Abuelo. He is their kind hearted grandpa who lives in Puerto Rico and is always missing them! Abuela is an awesome grandma, but I don't have any photos of her on IPhoto. I will have the kids take some when they visit PR this summer!

We honor our dads and grandpas today. Happy Father's Day.


  1. So great of you to include everybody!! What a neat family you have!! Thanks for sharing!!


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