The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well..Surgery has been postponed once again...

Due to the cough that Hua Hua had, but doesn't have anymore, but did have, although not a trace of it is left, but hasn't been over long enough, ahhh, well, you get what I'm saying. They are not doing the surgery this week.

They have postponed Katie Grace Hua Hua's heart surgery until next week on the 22nd.

Don't get me wrong, I totally understand that they have to be very careful, and I want her to be safe above all! It is just hard to get all worked up and planned for a surgery and then have it cancelled and rescheduled at the last minute several times. Not to mention taking off of work, losing all of those hours (when you are an hourly worker and not exactly rolling in the dough :) ), then having to take off more work, and also changing families' plans who are trying to come from out of town.

But we will get through this and our little girl will have her surgery and most importantly God will bring her to health!

So don't get too set on next week, but pray that it will happen for sure!!! Let's believe to to be so!! Thank you for your prayers my dear friends!!


  1. Oh Drat! well we will pray that she stays absolutely healthy and her surgery is a complete success! Hugs to you all. She's such a cute little peanut!

  2. Annie, I will keep you and Katie Grace in my prayers!

  3. Prayers for a healthy week, successful surgery and speedy recovery.

  4. Postponements are tough. But as you know God's timing is perfect! Praying for you and your sweet little one.

    Love and prayers,

    We are traveling next week and the week we are in GZ we are going to be meeting with "Maggie" the young lady from Zhongshan City who used to take our Maylie on outings on the weekends. Did she ever watch Katie?

  5. Oh I sincerely hope that THIS time it WILL happen!! Thinking of you al!! Sending hugs and kisses, M xx

  6. better to be safe, this is a hard time of year to keep everyone well. HOping that all is well for next week!


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