The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Friday, March 23, 2012


Katie Grace Hua Hua had sort of a hard day today. She was heavily sedated earlier in the day. The Dr decided that they should "dial down" the sedation a few times today. I was meanwhile called by the school nurse and told to come pick up Joshua because he fell off the monkey bars. So I left and as I was taking him to the clinic, apparently Katie Grace woke up a little too much and PANICKED. She was still intubated. Can you imagine having that tube down your throat, not to mention waking up after heart surgery will all those lines attached to you and mom not in sight?? Well, they were able to get her sedated again, but she did cause her stats to all go in bad directions. So they had to keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Joshua did indeed have a small fracture in his wrist.

The good news is...she is stable and sleeping. And he thought the splint and sling were "awesome"!

Pray for her lungs as they wean her tonight and tomorrow and for her to be able to come out of sedation without panicking and ruining her delicate surgery.


  1. Wow! Could you possibly put anything else on your plate? Poor Katie Grace, what timing for her to wake up. It had to be so frightening. Joshua looks so much like you! What a cute smile. Will he be casted once the swelling goes down? It's good he's happy with the splint and sling! Praying for you, Katie Grace and joshua!

  2. I know Vicky, my heart just completely broke thinking of her there without me!

    His wrist isn't even swollen. I almost thought he didn't break it, and maybe needed a little extra attention once he kept going on about it :), but then after a couple hours of whining I realized he must really have something wrong. It is just a TINY fracture though, so should heal in a few weeks. We went to a walk-in clinic and will follow up with orthped next week.

  3. Oh no. What a rough day for all three of you. Thanks for keeping us updated. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Get well soon Katie Grace!


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