The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Past Few Days....

Our little Katie Grace 'Hua Hua" is doing very well! She is really adapting and is quite the little trooper as this past week has been very busy with school in session as well as dance, marching band and football beginning for the big kids. She just goes along without much trouble. When she does get agitated, and starts to cry, then it does still escalate into a tantrum, but these are even less dramatic and more like crying fits as opposed to screaming like before.

She is more patient and plays and shares better. She knows that her food is indeed coming and that food is not going to "run out". She can see that her toys are here to play with and that sharing does not mean that she will lose everything.

Katie Grace is smiley and cute and makes silly fun faces and loves to giggle. She LOVES to be tickled! She plays well and adores her siblings.

She is still totally attached to mama and panics if I go in another room and close a door. She will allow our oldest daughter Christina to take her a little farther away from mama, for instance at our son's football game the other day, Christina took her to the concession and to the bathroom which was a big step! She won't really let anyone else carry her much except Matthew occasionally although she does sit in daddy's lap now for a bit if he will tickle her ribs!

Our family babysitter Jean, who has been coming to babysit our kids as they have grown for years, has been coming over regularly this week and Katie Grace likes her. I will have to go to work this Thursday and Saturday evening for 4 hours and Jean will be here Thursday evening because Christina has band practice. Please say a prayer that Katie Grace will not be traumatized when I leave!

Here are our latest pics:

1st bowl of ice cream!!! So cold but she loved it!!

Joshua's first day taking the school bus! Sometimes we drive, but sometimes they take the bus. He was very excited to take the bus with big brother Matthew!

Katie Grace loves playing on the back patio with her cars and slides. She also loves her little parasol!

Matthew's first official football game of the season. Hua Hua and Christina all set with snacks, tent and chairs. Let's just say that it is hot her in Central Florida. SO HOT. But we stay under the shade. Matt loves to play football though! Katie Grace even yells Go Maphewww!

The boys all worn out from the heat after the game.

It's tickle time with daddy!

Ok, so she LOVES Barney! Christina loved Barney when she was little and we still have some VHS tapes of Barney so I thought I would try it. Well it is the only thing that "hua hua" loves to watch. She is enthralled. She dances and giggles and sings! I always said there is something about Barney!

SO happy to watch Barney on mama and baba's bed!!!!


  1. What a cutie! So glad she is adapting so well!

  2. HOw cool, looks hot there, love the boys sleeping in the car, who doens't love a nice car nap.
    Gla dshe is slowly adapting to all the changes, or I should say quickly adapting, but I know alot of things will always be with her. Our good frined patty who is in her 60's now was adopted from the US at 3 years old, she still will hide food in her house, there are some things that are just instinctive no matter if you are an adult and really know whats goign on or not.

  3. Ohhhh she is sooo cute!! It looks like she is doing great!! Sierra loved to sit on her Daddy's lap and have him feed her ice cream. It was a great bonding activity!! She will do fine when you have to won't be for that long! We love football too but all my guys are too old to play anymore!

  4. Love, Love, Love all these pictures of all of your children!! What a special family you have Annie!!


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