The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beijing Fare.

We enjoy trying many foods here in China. Well I should say Jacob enjoys trying many foods and I am stick with what I think I know! We had the BEST dumplings and green tea at The Dumpling House! I could’ve eaten there everyday! I didn’t really love the night we had noodles because the bean paste the put on top of the noodles has a stale grease taste and it is served cold, but Jacob liked it. Jacob also ate the “Flavored Donkey Meat” and the “Edible Tossde Fungus” at the breakfast buffet. I had to pass on those..... but loved my colorful light breakfast.

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  1. I would definetly be on a diet in China,I'm not one to eat different stuff, even here i'm a very very picky eater! When do you get to see your daughter?


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