The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Christina, Matthew and Joshua went back to school this past Monday. I was sad to see them go so quickly after we got home, but glad to get into a schedule here at at the house.

Katie Grace watches them go in the morning and says "bye bye" and when they come out of school she squeals and jumps and giggles and yells, "Tina!!!! Mafffewww!!! Joshua!!!!!!" It is the cutest thing to see how excited she is to see them after school, I will try to get those moments on video if possible. Just priceless.

Joshua started Kindergarten this year. He had half day pre-k last year so this is going to be a change for him. He had a very hard time with us being gone to China, especially as it got longer, and is having a little bit of a hard time with not being the "baby" anymore with new little sister getting so much attention. Especially when she is so much of a mama's girl right now and wants me only to hold her. Although, as the week rolls on, he seems to be relaxing about it much more and enjoying being big brother. I am really hoping soon Katie Grace will be more comfortable to stay with daddy so that I can go to Joshua's school and volunteer in his classroom. Jacob and I and Katie could go have lunch soon though!

Here are some pics from first day of school.

Boys all dressed in their uniforms ready to go. Thier mei mei (little sister) sticking close by. :)

Christina is a junior in high school this year, can you believe it?? She is a great honors student and involved in a lot of activities so she is ready for a busy year. She and Katie Grace have already been on the computer making funny pics to put on Christina's facebook page!

Joshua heading out to the car with his Sponge Bob backpack. Oh was he happy to find Sponge Bob! Yes, we are Sponge Bob friendly in this house. He is the ultimate optimist! :) :) :)

Did I mention how much Katie Grace loves Matthew?? She sticks by him a lot. In fact he may be my second care giver for her at this point! Matthew is going on 13 and is starting 7th grade. I've mentioned many times here what a tender spirit he has and she saw it right away. She loves playing with all 3 siblings but holds onto Matthew the most right now.

Joshua and daddy.

Joshua's Kindergarten classroom and his teacher, Ms. Kaiser.

Ready for a great 1st day!!!

Ok, we sort of had to peel her little hand off Matthew's and tell her we would see him later. She was not thrilled about us leaving the boys at that place. It may have seemed a bit like a orphanage to her with lots of rooms and kids. She had a concerned look as we left. She was so happy when we returned to pick them up!


  1. Love your family stories! I think Grace will be daddy's girl very soon!

  2. Love the picture of Joshua and Jacob. I am not looking forward to the day when Mason refuses to hold my hand.

  3. Annie, you have a beautiful family! I loved the pictures of Katie Grace holding Matthew's hand. Sweet little Joshua, I know it must have been hard to let him go! You daughter is just beautiful. I know you must be so proud. Praying that the bonding and adjusting continues to go well for all.

  4. Hope they all have a great school year!


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