The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Finding Place.

One of the very special places we were able to go and visit was Xi Hua’s “finding place”. This is the place where she was left at 9 months old and was found and brought to the orphanage. I do feel that this is a very personal part of her life, but at the same time, it is well known that the children are often left to be found and that is how they end up in an orphanage. It was clear by the location of Xi Hua’s finding place that she was intended to be found quickly. Someone left her with care in a busy place. A round-a-bout garden in a busy part of town. Our awesome guide, Lily and our driver, along with an assistant from the orphanage, took us about 30 minutes further from the orphanage and searched for the address and here we found the “flower bed” where our precious little flower was found.

We took pictures of the area from across the street and then we walked over and took a picture there as family as if to wrap up that moment in history in a sense I guess. We also took a picture (our guide’s great idea!) of the store nearby with the address in case we or she ever wants to find it again in the future.


  1. I love the fact that you visited her finding spot and have so many pictures. What a treasure this will be!

  2. that is very cool and very sad at the same time, would have bee important for me to find that place as well, thats how she got to become aprt of her new family.

  3. Annie,
    Sooo thankful that you had the opportunity to visit there. We've been out of town, but I have been praying. Looking forward to reading all the posts I missed so far.

    (Grace's Mom from Z)

  4. I remember as if it were yesterday when we visited our first daughter's finding place. I cried with tears of joy that she was also left where she would be quickly found. And I cried that God gave her to me!

    Beautiful story! Xi Hua is truly a blessed little girl! And you have been blessed to parent her forever!

  5. Firstly, smart guide.

    Secondly, how are you now, after standing there? It's pretty sureal eh?

  6. Annie!!!! I am literally sitting here with tears just reading all of your posts!!! Katie Grace is so amazingly beautiful and you and Jacob look so happy!! I can't wait to see how introducing her to the rest of her family goes, and if you ever want to have a playdate, I know of a certain little 2.5 girly girl who LOVES to meet and play with new girlfriends. :)

  7. This brings tears to my eyes. She must have been loved. I love that you took pictures as a family there.


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