The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I took so many pics on this trip and we had such an wonderful time, I just wanted to post one last round of our days with family!! 

Every time we visit Colorado, we always go to Boulder's Dinner Theatre!   I started my career at BDT, performing in many musicals, and have so many fond memories!  I have many talented friends who still work there and put on amazing performances!   Such talent!  My Mom and Polly ready for a ladies night out at the Theatre! 

Me and my sister, Marcie, enjoying some time together at the Theatre.  Great food and a fun production of Rogers and Hammerstien's Cinderella!  

Cousin Alyssa and Christina, all dressed up and with their hair done so cute for a night out with us!  

My dear friend, Cindy!!  We used to perform together in shows, were roommates, and she is still there, singing and dancing, as beautiful as ever!!  We love that we still are working in our craft and enjoying it.  

It was very hot in Colorado.  Did we think we would receive some relief from the Florida killer heat??  Well, we had hoped, but no luck!  So on several evening we drove over to my sister, Kristy's house and walked down to her neighborhood pool and let the kids swim!!   Joshua having a great time!

Joshua and cousin, Levi, playing dive for the sinking ship!

The sisters and I sat in the shade, chatted and enjoyed catching up.  ;-)  My sisters, Kristy, Marcie and Polly.  

Onto my childhood home.  My oldest sister, Marcie, now lives in the home we grew up in.  This is a beautiful home in Boulder that has an amazing view of the mountains.  Their family has renovated and redecorated the home since we were kids and it is just lovely!  

Sitting on the front patio, now totally redone with very nice tile and mountain furniture, where we had all sat, so many times growing up.  

Marcie made us a delicious lunch of spaghetti and we all enjoyed a nice visit!  Matthew and cousin Christian.  

Of course, Katie Grace Hua Hua and cousin Vanessa still stuck like glue.  ;-) 

My sister, Kristy, and a bunch of cousins watching a funny video! 

Cousin, Tyler so nice to sit and patiently listen to Hua Hua tell him about the dolly clothes!

My sister,  Polly, and I stuck like glue the whole vacation!

This is what Colorado looks like when you look out opposite of the mountains.  Not kidding.  The tan plains of grain, and that is about it, forever.  

We all decided to take a short walk after lunch "up the hill".  Tyler and newly acquired best friend, Hua Hua holding hands along the way.  He is sure is a sweet young man!

The decision to take that walk was a bad one.  It was 103 degrees.  We turned around after 1 1/2 blocks.   :-)  Except for my Matthew (13) and Kristy's Vanessa (11).  They went to the top of the hill near the tower and back.  Matthew is used to playing football in searing heat, so this was nothing to him. 

Back at my mom and dad's townhouse, we did crafts in the evenings!  The kids made treasure chests, sock puppets and other creations!!  Crafts are so much fun!  Did I say "the kids?"  Well, of course Polly and I did too! 

The littles working diligently, creatively. 

How do I only have one pic in all of this of my little brother, Daniel??  Probably because he had to keep driving up to Aspen for gigs that week.  (a long drive).  Isn't he cute?  And single, girls!!  Well, that I know of!   He is a talented musician, travels all over and plays guitar with a group at high end events.  He also writes his own music, sings, records!  He writes worship music too and plays worship on Sundays.

Little flower girl, watering Mimi's flowers. 

Love these colors!  Mom was always great at keeping a beautiful garden!  

Sunday after church, we went to breakfast!  Hua Hua loves to eat and you can see the joy in her eyes as she awaits her eggs and bacon!!

A last pic with my dear momma as we were almost to our last day.  Boy did we have a nice time.  Priceless. 

And with my sweet daddy.  Wish I could be closer to them.  

Mom walking with Hua Hua out to the car on our last day.  

A blurry pic of bleary eyed kids around midnight arriving in Tampa on the airport train.  They were great travelers!  


  1. I loved reading about your trip home, Annie! What a lovely family you have! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to visit them this summer!!

  2. It was great fun to read about your trip. You have such a great family! I can't believe how blonde you and your siblings are:)

  3. We had so much fun!! And yes, that is our Finnish heritage on my mom's side that gave us that blondness!


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