The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Katie Grace Hua Hua came to us dancing.  She danced to every song, commercial, or children's show that she watched or listened to, and is still dancing!   In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they did some sort of dance time at the orphanage, because she actually had some cute moves when she came home and they looked a bit practiced.  :-)  

When she figured out Christina was in dance class and saw her go every week, AND THEN, when she saw the recital... OH MY!  She wanted to dance!  I told her she could take a class this fall and she did not forget.  She has asked me about it all summer.  

I have the best videos of her during the Olympics!  (I just have to figure out how to get them from my phone to youtube) She LOVED the gymnastics.  Now, for me personally,  I would love to put her in gymnastics.  I was a gymnast and a dancer growing up, but I really have a heart for the Sport of Gymnastics, and sometimes feel like the Art of Dance has gotten a little lost with the ridiculous amount of make-up they pile on the little girls at recital and some of the dances?  Not age appropriate.  Fortunately we've just been able to kind of pass over that part with that with my oldest daughter.  Her dances have always been appropriate, we don't push into competition teams, yet she still gets to enjoy the art of dance and do her end of the year recital, and we definitely ease up on the make-up for performances.  ;-)

I might try Hua Hua out in gymnastics next year but the gym is a bit of a drive, so for right now, she is taking a Ballet/Tap combo class and she loved her first day!!  

Christina's 10th year at the studio and Hua Hua's 1st year.  Christina is also the Student Assistant in Hua Hua's class!  

"Okay Mom,  you have to let me go now and stop taking pics!  I have to close the door and start class!"

"Whew!!  That was a fun class!!"

Happy little girl, finally got to go to dance class!!!!  She puts on  this leotard every evening by the way.  :-)

Walking back to the car with her celebration lollipop.


  1. Awww:) She looks ADORABLE in her little leotard:) are you letting her bangs grow out, or just have them up for dance? She looks so cute both ways! Beautiful girls! both of them. Love this little girl:) I still think of her as that little mite with the sticker on her forhead in the very first video I ever received of Wren. Funny thing is...Iley's in it too! You Just catch a glimpse of her. We had no Idea when we got that video that she would be Wren's sister! Isn't God amazing. All these babies home:)

  2. SO ADORABLE!!! Oh my gracious!

    Isaiah (Dong Ji) told me the other day that he misses his Chinese friends...but that they all live in Africa now. LOL!!! I need to show him these pics!

  3. Judy, she still has the bangs, just slicked back for the ballet bun with a little dab 'o gel! I thought I was going to have to grow them out for ballet, but I can see now, they are fine enough to stay back!

    I remember that very first special video with our girls side by side! Little did we know that Wren would be Hua Hua's table mate and Iley would be her next crib mate as we found in the next videos?!! Amazing!!

  4. Lori! How I love visiting your always entertaining blog! Glad to hear a bunch of the kids are in Africa, lol! Loved his 1st day of school video!

  5. YOu know I"m right there with you I LOVE dance but not little kids shaking things they don't have and looking like street walkers. She is so cute!!!!

  6. SO cute!! I just love her little smile :) Is it weird if I say I think her scar is beautiful? You know I am a sucker for these babies with special hearts ;)

  7. Not weird at all! I think it is beautiful too!


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