The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Every time I get home to Boulder, there are just a couple of friends I always try and see, and Sheri is one of them!  We have been friends since Kindergarten!!  We played together as little girls at each other's houses, had sleepovers, ran around the neighborhood, went to Jr. high together and on to high school, still together.  

This visit, we met up in Boulder at the Pearl Street Mall, at the Walnut Brewery for lunch.  We had a nice lunch with my sister and all of our kids!  Of course we just chatted and chatted!!!  

Me with Sheri!!  Together again!!  She is just as beautiful as always!  

Sheri with her son, Sam and daughter, Grace.  Cuties!   

My sister, Polly, Joshua, Me, Sheri, and Sam

Matthew, Hua Hua and cousin Aaron 

Matthew giving Hua Hua a lift as they head outside to walk out onto the Pearl St. Mall

What a gorgeous family!!!!  Sheri's kids, Lily, Grace, Sam with Sheri.  Sheri's girls look so much like Sheri did in High School it is uncanny!

My crew:  Me and my kiddos along with my sister, Polly and her son, Aaron.  We were pretty much stuck like glue this whole vacation.  :-) 

Sheri helping Hua Hua up onto the climbing rocks

The paparazzi pic...  I snapped this pic of Polly, Christina and the boys coming out of a shot and it looks like a paparazzi shot of some stars out on the town shopping... :-) 

Joshua loving the rocks to climb on!!

Katie Grace Hua Hua getting braver by the minute.  They were hopping from rock to rock!

Some ice cream to finish the day near a post of ads for upcoming artists at the Boulder Theatre.  


My "granola" Boulder.  I snapped a shot of Christina (on left), but notice all of the hippies with the dreadlocks,  crochet clothes and scarves?  That is Boulder.  That is the Boulder I grew up in.  They are everywhere, playing music, sitting on the benches and in the grass.  Some colorful and fun diversity for ya!   I never see hippies here in the south!  

One more cutie on a rock picture!  


  1. I have been catching up on all your vacation happenings. What a great time you are all had. What a big, beautiful family!

  2. What a great trip! Looks like you all had such a great time! If you wanna see hippies in the south, you have to go to Ashville, NC!! LOL!


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