The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One night, a group of us planned to go to our favorite restaurant as kids, Casa Bonita, but with the traffic on a Monday night in the Denver area (driving from Longmont) and already having had such a long day, I just didn't have it in me to drive an hour to get there!  

So plan two, we decided to try Gateway near the foothills in Boulder, which is a fun park with mini-golf and go-carts, but by the time we arrived there was a very windy rain storm that was just not going to give up, boo!  :-(  

Well, we were about to call it a night, due to the rain when the guy who works at Gateway said, "how about going bowling??"  Well... yes, bowling!  I haven't thought about, or gone bowling in a loooong time!  So we headed back to Longmont and hit the Centennial Lanes!  We had a fun time and it was great for all the kids big and small!  

Katie Grace Hua Hua decided to stretch out before bowling ;-)  

Look how cute she is in those bowling shoes!!!!  We couldn't believe they had bowling shoes that small!!

We found the lightest ball possible for her - 6 lbs 

Here Matthew set up Joshua and Hua Hua with their own lane next to ours.  They tried to bowl for awhile free-style, but it was always going into the gutter, and then Matthew had a great idea to get the assistance roller for kids.  Well, that made them really happy!  

Christina's turn......

She got a spare on her first bowl and was really good throughout the night! 

Joshua posed for the pic and ready for his bowl!

Happy with his work on the lanes

My little sister, Polly, ready for her turn!  Isn't she just the cutest??   If I told you her age you would never believe it.  Nobody does or ever will.  She is just natural and lovely inside and out, too. 

Polly showing us her skilzz.....

Polly's son Aaron I am pretty sure won this evening.  He rocked this game out!!  

Matthew's turn....

Feelin' pretty good about his game

Back at the table for a quick rest and a smile for mom who takes way too many pictures!  

Ok, it's my turn.  Let's just say,  I learned something this week.  If you are in your (ahem cough cough) 40s and you do not continue to play basket ball and bowl at least a couple times a year, you really lose your touch!  I am going to get out there more often and play because I used to be a good bowler and make great shots at the hoop, and this week I could see my extreme lack of skill in both!  UGH!!!  But we did have A LOT OF FUN! 

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