The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Monday, August 20, 2012


Okay, this is not a back to school pic, but this is Christina at 3 years old.  Now she is a Senior in High School!!!  Where did the time go??  How did this baby grow up so fast???  (She really doesn't look that much different to me;-) 

Here is Christina now.  17 years old and a Senior.  Ready to finish her last year of high school!

Matthew (8th Grade),  Joshua (1st Grade),  Katie Grace  (Pre-K!)

Wanting to show their backpacks!  Hua Hua doesn't carry a backpack for half day Pre-K (per request of the school).  Joshua insisted on using his same SpongeBob backpack from last year.  Good thing it was still in good condition, I just threw it in thew wash and it was good to go!  

Matthew, showing his new kicks.  Teenage boys love their shoes, I will tell you that. He will be in 8th Grade.  I can't believe this will be his last year of Middle School and his last year at Davenport School of the Arts K-8.  Next year he will be in High School.  Wow.  

This is the sweetest, cutest, little Pre-K-er of the year!!  Of course, I am biased!!  

Joshua so ready to go to 1st Grade!  I love this little guy!!  When I dropped him off at the school,   I had planned to park and walk him in to his class.  He insisted that I did not.  He said, "Mom, I got it.  I am certain, I can find my class."  

Since Katie Grace has 1/2 day Pre-K from 12:30 - 3:30, we had the morning still, so she was able to go with Daddy and I to the Parents "BOO HOO Breakfast" that my friend Liz always sets up at Cracker Barrel every year on the first day of school.  We all meet up after drop off and chat and well, eat of course!  Jacob and I like to call it the YA-HOO Breakfast!!  There is really no boo-hooing for us when the kids are back to school!  ;-)

My awesome friend and neighbor, Liz, with Hua Hua and also our friend Theresa from school.  

Some of the parents at the Boo Hoo Breakfast 

Time to drop off Hua Hua at Pre-K.  She went right into her classroom and said hello to Ms. Jackie her teacher.  Then she told me, "Ok, Mom, you go in the other room and wait for me!" and motioned to the next room through the glass window, thinking that is where I would be, like on orientation night.   I told her, "No, Hua Hua, Mama is going to go home and then I will be back to pick you up after school is all done, just I like when Matthew and Joshua are done with school."  At first she got a really worried look and gripped my hand tightly, the she stopped and thought about it and a relieved look came over here face and she said.  "Ok, Mom, bye bye".   And off she went with her friends.

I think she was worried, but when she thought about how Matthew and Josh come home after school everyday, she realized it was okay!  


  1. Awwww:) tHey're all so stinkin cute:) I hope my girls let go and head off to pre K as easily!! We start in just a few days:) and we would definately agree to the YAHOO breakfast;0

  2. I would be at the boo hoo breakfast, I am not happy with the school here so we are going to home school for kindergarten. YOur kids all look so clean and pressed, its depressing to start school in August, yuck! glad at least they wait until after labor day here.

  3. I love the breakfast with friends! The kids are just beautiful from the oldest to the youngest! Don't you just love those first day of school photos? Priceless!

  4. Leah, you go with the home schooling, I look forward to hearing about it! So true about mid August school start. It took me awhile to get used to it - still does not feel right! We always started after Labor Day when I was growing up in Colorado, which feels a little more like fall, right? Here in FL it is still 100 degrees and we are swimming in humidity right now. I am not really sure of the reasoning. Here is only one reason I have heard. Our summer break is a bit shorter, because we usually have to take hurricane days off in the fall, so they have to start a little early to account for those days, and they have a whole week off for Thanksgiving. Also, there are more teacher work days throughout the year off. Still feels like summer, though!

  5. Loved all the back to school pics! Wish we waited until after Labor Day as well, but it is nice getting out the end of May!


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