The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Let's just start with the most important picture, as far as Katie Grace is concerned. :) We had a lot of nice nurses. We had some fun nurses. We had some cute nurses. But put the nicest, funnest, cutest, nurse into one and you get Katie Grace Hua Hua's crush of the year.... presenting.... Collin!!!!!!! She just fell in love, I guess! The amazing thing is, she is always very stand-offish with men. She won't even let them pick her up. But ohhh dear Collin. She was all about Collin. She would call him if he was out of the room. He even came down from the NICU to see her when he was not at the PCICU. She has been carrying his picture around at home!

This pull up sure made for a nice hat! That might be what attracted Collin in the first place. ;)

The Sheriff's Department came by with the Easter Bunny! Hua Hua was excited about that!!

Her nurse Cheryl gave her an Easter basket too. It had some really neat goodies and crafts! Thanks Cheryl!

Bye Bye Cheryl. We'll miss you!

One last farewell! We did it!! Bye Everyone!!

The kids and neighbor kids made a welcome home sign! What a welcome sight as we pulled into the driveway!!

This is my friend and neighbor, Liz. She is a amazing. She fed my kids. Drove my kids. Put them to bed. Took the to activities. Did my laundry and more after my mother-in-law left. How blessed to have a friend like that??

Thanks to mother-in-law who did that entire load of work and cared for the kids for the 1st couple weeks, making sure they got to every activity and appointment and school event. She is priceless!

T'hanks also to Cassie and Tony, my other neighbors, they brought over like 6 casseroles. Delicious and helpful!!

Thanks to Scott and Sarah who also brought us a large delicious meal!


  1. What precious neighbors and friends! What a blessing!

    1. Welcome Home Beautiful Katie Grace!!

      Sounds like you were blessed with many helpers...God is good!

      I bet it never felt so good to be home!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing miracle with us!

      Love and blessings,

  2. I was so happy to see she had been released. What a wonderful Easter it must have been. Any time you need to chat just drop me an email. I noticed in the last post you mentioned her emotions. Dmitry was actually depressed for a bit after the surgery. It was just a lot for a small child to endure.

  3. It's so great to have family, friends, and neighbors like that! God bless them all! Tell Katie Grace she has good taste in men!! ;) So glad she's home and doing well!!!

  4. Praise God!! What a treasure you have!!! Been praying for your precious girl and Ivy too. God is so good!


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