The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Monday, April 2, 2012


Physical Therapist, Amber, getting Katie Grace to the side of the bed sitting up straight for the first time with very little support and to do some 'activities" while she sits.

Katie Grace sitting in the PT chair enjoying some time OUT of that bed, reading a book. Still a little woozy sometimes during the day, as you can see by the eyes, but not all day! Sometimes she was much more clear. :)

What a sight these pics! Don't let the smile and the quiet moment with a book fool you completely, the last 48 hours or so since I had posted last have been quite a whirlwind of ups and downs and also very active.

The good news is, Katie Grace Hua Hua is OFF THE VENTILATOR FOR GOOD and making great progress!! Praise God of Heaven and Earth for His Goodness and Mercy!!!

She spent the weekend struggling coming off the strong sedatives and painkillers. Crying and crying quietly, shaking, jittering, fever and scratching her itchy self. Now don't get me wrong, they are giving her something to help her come down, but tying to figure out the right times, doses and if she doesn't spit it out made for a tiring couple of days.

Now she will be on a med to help her withdrawal from those meds and then she will need to be weaned off of that med. It is a very trying circle for her. This will take at least 4 more days if not more.

She is down to the 1 liter setting on the oxygen canulla, where she was set at 5 liters after coming off the vent. They have dialed her down each day. They hope to take her off the canulla tomorrow!

She is still on the heart med for one more day, and the sleep assistance for 2 more days.

She is off the blood pressure medicine and is taking a Pulmonary Hypertension medicine that works on her lung pressure which in turn keeps her BP down. She will probably go home with this med for awhile.

She is eating a regular diet! She had scrambled eggs today, grapes, chicken noodle soup, jello, and more!

The physical therapist was able to get her to sit up unassisted and do some puzzles, then stand with assistance. She also spent an hour in the PT chair.

All in all, she has progressed by leaps and bounds thanks to God's Mercy and the kindness of your prayers and her amazing inner strength and an amazing team of Drs and nurses, which I will post more about tomorrow!

It was just a few days ago that we were told this will probably be quite some time on the ventilator because she was struggling, then suddenly she held strong and they said, we're extubating! And that was it!

That turn around was nothing short of amazing.

Psalm 6:9
The LORD has heard my cry for mercy; the LORD accepts my prayer.


  1. That is amazing!! It brought tears to my eyes. I am beyond happy and thankful to the Lord for healing your sweet girl.

  2. Praise God! I'm so thankful!

  3. Amazing Love! How can it be? Only God. So glad for big steps.

  4. I have to thank Vicky for posting your site. I have been following along and have been checking since Saturday for an update. I am so happy that Katie Grace is doing so well. I wish her an easy time off of the medications. I'm looking forward to the day she goes home. She is a beautiful child.

  5. OH these pictures make me VERY happy:):) Praise the Lord! We will continue to pray for her! But SO SO Glad she's doing better!

  6. I have goose bumps just reading all of Katie Grace's progress. Such a fighter! Love that she was out of that bed for a bit.

  7. Oh Annie...I checked this morning and there was still no post I was so worried all day but this post has brought me great joy!!! God's healing touch is miraculous and Katie Grace is amazing. What a fighter!!I am so relieved!! What great pictures and it sounds like her appetite is good!!!
    Hugs and prayers

  8. Oh My
    such good news, what a huge praise!!!
    You have had quite a time the last couple weeks-I am sure you are getting tired of hospital rooms, and missing all your family being together-soon!!!
    Lots of hugs

  9. God is so good! It brings tears to my eyes, seeing your Katie Grace up and out of that bed.

  10. Praise God! He works miracles!

  11. Yay!!!!! I'm so, so happy for all of you!
    Hugs, barb

  12. Oh, THANKS BE TO GOD OUR FATHER!!!! I have been watching and holding my breath so to speak... I am SO VERY happy to see this post! The last few days have been on faith trusting you and she were okay! Oh Katie Grace you sweet little fighter! You GO girl!!!!! Praise God!

  13. Praise the Lord!!! So excited to read about Katie Grace's progress. She is a fighter and so spunky...amazing!

  14. Praising God with you! So wonderful to see her sitting up!

  15. Thanks be to God forever and ever, Amen!

  16. Ran across your blog....saved it in my favorite place to follow. I have been praying for Katie...very burdened and awoke during the night and prayed....God is good. So good to see the progress. We will keep praying.

  17. The Lord is near! Rejoicing with you. Been praying for another little one from China..Ivy (from the blog Loving Life with Lexi) and your Katie Grace too. Our little one (just turned 4 a week post op) had open heart surgery on March 17th. She did amazingly well, came home 3 DAYS later but is struggling with cardiac effusion...fluid around the heart. She is on lasix round the clock and goes for follow up echos every 3-4 days but so far no readmission!! She had a clam shell incision b/c of the way she has scarred from other she was cut open from one side all the way to the other! The drain tube holes/scars look worse than the incision though. It's just amazing what the Lord has done in the lives of our children. I am just humbled that He chose me to be her Mommy and to get to watch His glory show through this little spunky life! I'm sure you understand! Can't wait to see your girl walking round the nurse's station getting stronger and stronger! Blessings, Holly in NC

  18. Praising Him for the blessing of Katie Grace and for how He is healing her precious little heart!

    Aww...she looks like she has had a rough road...God love her! But SO happy to see that beautiful face and those gorgeous EYES OPEN!!! What a fighter!!


    Love and blessings,


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