The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Katie Grace Hua Hua has recovered well ! She has her feet under her and is ready to go home!!

I thank God BEYOND WORDS today as this Holy Weekend brings contemplation of sacrifice and a grateful heart as He brings this little girl home safely.

I am so grateful for the AMAZING team of doctors and nurses here at APH. I could not have found better care anywhere else in the world. How incredible is that? I will not forget what a blessing it is to have this care. These nurses and doctors work around the clock. They never stop working. They are patient and kind and gentle with the children. The nurses are so diligent as they carefully check every detail over and over, constantly time to make a change and knowing every minute change could mean something huge. They have unending responsibilities and have to have complete knowledge of every detail of each child's health and what to do at every moment. Because this is a critical and intensive care unit. They also keep Katie Grace clean, comfortable as possible, with a clean bed at all times. The Drs and nurses are patient with me and treat me as part of her care, telling me what they are doing and listening to my questions without acting condescending. They all discuss every detail and make decisions several times a day. They are ALWAYS right outside her door. I have never been left thinking, "where is someone??" I have had faith in their care. I know each of them by name, but there are many and I won't name them all here. I thank each one of you.

Katie Grace is physically ready, her emotions are not quite there and she has some confusion about what home means. I keep showing her pictures and encouraging her and it does, but then when she is not looking at the pictures, she is afraid of what a "move" again means, poor baby. She has improved in this emotional area this morning though, I noticed, and said, "ok" when I told her we were going home.

Made a pretty mirror with her sister. She loves looking at herself in it. She even looks at her chest incision and wonders about it.....

Ok Mom, I'm ready to roll! She loved riding around in this little push car yesterday!

Sea World came and put on an Easter Egg hunt!! It is funny that Hua Hua is so timid with people who talk to her, but she was just fine with a GIANT furry whale walking up to her to visit!!

She decided that Shamu might like a Shamu sticker. :)

"So anyway....." She is just having a great conversation with Shamu!

It is time for the Easter Egg Hunt!!

Lauren, our Child Life representative was so awesome during our entire time in the hospital. She brought us gifts, projects, came by for chats, and also took us to these fun events! She is awesome!!! Here Hua Hua is meeting Dolly the Dolphin.

Ok, group photo. I tried so many times to get a good shot and kept missing her looking up. It's pretty darn cute anyway!

Ok, this is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. These characters are in the lobby.

Pure sweetness, with a touch of rascal. ;)


  1. Praising the Lord for this marvelous update and blessing of Katie Grace going home!

  2. Praising God with you for His marvelous healing! Have a wonderful Easter!

  3. So thankful! Praying as she transitions home.

  4. Wishing a an easy transition home...and a Happy Easter as well :)

  5. Oh how it must do your heart good to see her up and around and so happy!! Wishing your family a wonderful Easter!!! He Lives!!!!

  6. Praise the Lord! So happy she is going home! Praying for you all during the next few days!

  7. Thank you, Father, for the gift of LIFE.

  8. Happy Easter, Annie and family. I know you must be so happy to be at home! I pray that Katie Grace continues to do well!

  9. Welcome Home Katie Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope your Easter was joyful!

    Love and blessings,

  10. Oh Annie
    So hoping your little one is less farful, and embracing HOME!!
    How that must ache your heart to see her afraid, wondering, worrying!
    Oh My, that just makes me so sad at her emotional rollercoaster-yet, HE will prevail, He will strengthen all of you, and He who heals will heal her emotions!!
    Happy Easter dear friend:)

  11. Hope you all had a great Easter with everyone home. Thinking of you.


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