The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I was told this morning at rounds that Katie Grace Hua Hua could be discharged today, pending getting her medications filled and scheduled properly by the end of the day! Well I was pretty excited about that so I began packing her things in the room. (you can collect a lot of things, toys, gifts, projects, etc after a couple of weeks!)

Physical Therapy came in to do some exercises and then we attempted to take her for a "walk". Well she just sort of leaned and walked to the left and sort of shuffled her little feet along and swerved back and forth, knees wobbling. Dr. Piggott was watching from across the way and he came over to talk to me when we got back and he said he was concerned about sending her home with that much medication still in her system. They have to give me a VERY slow, 3 week wean plan from the Methadone and Adivan at home, and she would probably be like this for a good portion of that if they wean this slowly. He said we would have to keep her from falling for many days and not let her get up and just go on her own. Or we could stay a few extra days and they will do a controlled, yet very quick wean from these drugs and get most of them down to a minimum so we could go home with a more stable walker. I decided to go with his suggestion, because I knew when we got home, it would be impossible to keep her down for a couple weeks when she would want to chase after her brothers. Here she is already in her bed and we can do this now. So here we are for a few more days.

So, the "power wean" is on. Please pray that she can handle it and pray that she will have minimal withdrawal symptoms.

Also, pray for her emotions. She has digressed in many ways even though her spirits seem to be more up today on the surface. I will post more about that tomorrow. She doesn't want to "go home' now, she very frightened and somewhat detached, among other things. She is worried and confused.

"Child Life" had craft day in their area and the kids got to attend and make Easter Bunny crafts and candy necklaces.

Look at what I made, Mama. She still looks a little woozy and well, she is. The bunny sort of looks like how she feels, I just noticed! :) Bless their little hearts!

Whew! Back in the "comfort zone" of her hospital bed exhausted from those crafts. :)

Daddy came and they played catch with the ball. Great strengthening therapy and fun! Kick it!

Now throw it!

Guess who came for a visit?? Her brothers! She was so excited they were coming, she hid under her covers and popped out giggling and squealing to surprise them! Boy were they actually surprised because the last times they visited, she would never wake up and had more things hooked up to her.

Let's play for awhile!

We will read you a book and the teddy bear responds to your voice!

We will do some puzzles

We will snuggle for a little bit! She loves that quilt that a quilting ministry made for the kids in the hospital and my friend Molly, who is the Guest Service Manager, sent it up. What a blessing.

Well, one last goodbye. She is sad they are leaving. "Do you want to come home soon Hua Hua??" She gets a very worried face and shakes her head "no". Poor baby. She is so uncertain about everything. This visit did her heart good though.


  1. What beautiful, loving brothers!
    I continue to hold Katie Grace in prayer.

  2. Annie,
    First let me say that your children are ALL just beautiful! It was so wonderful to see those smiles on KG's face:)I don't think i'd worry too much about what she says right now! If she's feeling as wonky as her little eyes look......she may not even remember any of it. We will pray for her weaning, and for her emotions through it all. And we will pray for Your emotions too!!!! And for your family, I know this is hard for them too. Hug Hug!

  3. I'm so glad to hear how well she is doing. The Lord is mighty. She is a walking, talking miracle. I love it.

  4. What a wonderful good to see Katie Grace interacting with her brothers! I feel for you all as she adjusts to the idea of being home again. I'm sure it will take some time for her feelings of uncertainty to diminish. But she has a loving and committed family who will see her through...not to mention a Heavenly Father who will help all of you through this season! Blessings this Easter weekend!!

  5. She looks so happy with her brothers. Bummer that you are not able to go home but what a relief that the hospital has a plan for a quicker weaning. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way that everything goes smoothly for Katie Grace and that her emotions are calmed.

  6. Hi Annie! It's Michele- Meghan's mom. But I'm having a problem signing into blogger as anyone else but anonymous.

    I just read about 4 days worth of posts, last time I checked in little Hua Hua was wanting her pink blanky. So excited to see her recovery, and with tears in my eyes I laughed out loud at that poor bunny she made. Keep that picture always! Tears of pain and joy at the same time!

  7. Praying for healing physically and emotionally! What a hard experience for such a little girl and even harder on one who hasn't been home that long. God is able!

  8. Oh its so great to see those smiles and those playful moments. We will continue to lift her up in prayer and before you know it ...she will be home!!! Poor is so much for the little ones to comprehend!!!
    Hugs to you and Katie Grace Hua Hua!!

  9. What a beautiful smile on her face. So happy to see that Katie is doing so much better.


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