The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yes, I did say "mobile uploads" of our visit to the water park hotel, because I forgot my camera and Christina had to take them with her cell phone. Boo :( I hate when I forget my camera! However, the quality of pictures with the cell phone about equal the quality of the "resort" we stayed at on Monday and Tuesday.... LOL! We did wait to the last minute to plan a little get-away because we were working around our work schedule and were able to plan a couple days off. We first thought to go to the beach, but trying to get a somewhat affordable room just days before spring break was next to impossible. So then we thought, let's find a fun resort where we can relax and the kids can have fun. We found rooms available at the Clarion WaterPark Resort in Kissimmee online with good reviews and we headed out. When we arrived and drove up, I was thinking, "oh no, this is NOT AT ALL like the pictures online". Needless to say, they did a great job presenting the "resort" online, but it was bare and uninviting at first glance. Well, we decided we were going to stay and have fun no matter what, and you know what??? We had a great time!!! The water park included a couple of big slides, which was a hit for Matthew, a couple of baby slides and waterfalls, which Joshua loved and a lazy river for all of us. Jacob and I enjoyed some fruity cocktails and we all relaxed in the sun a got sunburns! We had burgers at the poolside, pizza in our room in the evening, the kids played in the arcade, and we enjoyed family time away. This was not the exotic resort of my dreams, but we made it work and it turned out to be the perfect getaway.

The slides were a lot of fun!

Matthew and Joshua in the lazy river and the big slide, even Jacob and I did the slides

Matthew and Josh on the lazy river

Christina and Joshua

Mom and Josh relaxing- he said he was my "tour guide" on the lazy river

Look dad, I can walk all the way around the river!

Joshua in the Frog slide- hows these two slides can give hours of fun, I will never know!

I love these slides, Mom

Ni-night tired baby


  1. Yeah, sometimes that happens to us too, I recall one vacation, online it looked like a dream place and then you arrive and it is not so dreamy at all!!

    But I am glad you took it the positive way and still enjoyed the time with your family, that's what it is all about having a good time together! And it looks like you all had a blast!

  2. still looks like alot of fun, and that nice warm weather, ahhhh it looked wonderful.

  3. i stayed there it it one of the better places in orlando. best pool and not to far from Disney and universal.
    the have family suites that can sleep 8 and that where we go. you cant beat the price.
    i do agree they need a better entrance.


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