The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The wait for referral is becoming longer and longer the more I read about people's status in their Taiwan adoption journey. A 3 year wait is what we are looking at if we are wanting to adopt a "healthy" baby girl under 2. A couple years ago, the China adoption processes became backed up due to SARS, the Beijing Olympics, and other issues. In addition to that, Vietnam and Cambodia adoption programs closed due to corruption. So, many people began pouring into the Taiwan adoption programs. As we know Taiwan is TINY compared to mainland China, so suddenly Taiwan became overrun with applications and families hoping to adopt. Thus, the long wait for referrals from Taiwan currently. However, a possible hope according to my agency- she told me that as of a year ago, Taiwan's placing agencies quickly put a limit on each agency's applications from families. So my agency is hopeful that the referrals will start speeding up again here in the next year or so as everything balances out.
Nevertheless, we have decided to make a couple changes on our application. We have decided to increase our child's desired age from 0-24 months, to 0-48 months. We have also added some minor/correctable special needs that we would be willing to accept. Since our youngest, Joshua, will be 5 in Sept., we thought an older toddler would fit in just fine to the birth order! Our agency also believe this should speed up our wait time a bit. I'm hoping this will take a year off the wait.. or am I dreaming??


  1. adoption is such a uncertian thing, there's just so much hope and alot of "patience" or I guess we have no choice but to have that. We too are waiting and hoping. I will be thinking your family and hoping that everything picks up and you get a referral soon.

  2. It sounds like good news to me! And opens up a family for an "older" child!! Good news all around! I will be hoping your referral comes faster, the wait is so hard.

  3. Me too, I hope the wait will be a bit shorter for you guys, it is SO hard to wait and live in limbo. But whatever child will come into your family will be such a lucky little bugger!!

  4. annie,
    my Agency Heartsent Adoptions has a 4 year old little girl right now waiting. I HIGHLY recommend the agency and I have fallen in love with this little girl. I soo wish I had the funds to go get her myself! I can send you her picture :) write me

  5. Annie - you are good to open open up your heart. When we made that decision, the process did speed up. It also took us down a very different journey. One that I wasn't entirely prepared for, but am so glad I took! Follow your heart, He will lead the way!


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