The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Thursday, March 25, 2010


< Well, here we are 4 months into our wait for referral. It's hard to think too much about it. I try to only think about the wait once a month...... which is nearly impossible to do!!! I have been working on my Mandarin still. I have been enjoying blogs to encourage me. I follow a few yahoo groups to get info on the process and travel and other things. I try to keep myself occupied with other activities to help pass the time. I know this is the first of 2 waiting periods. The next one will be between referral, court process and travel, which also seems to be getting longer for people. We originally were told about 5 months until travel after referral. Now according to the yahoo groups I follow, it is more like 8 months!!!??? That's a crazy amount of time to wait AFTER you have a child referred to you!! Meanwhile SHE waits and grows and wonders when we are coming. Or she doesn't wonder at all and gets too used to her life as it is in an orphanage or a foster home, not even knowing it is temporary situation until she has a forever home. Then we come and disrupt her little life. But, if we don't, what possible future will she have? What can we do? It will all be worth it in the end for all of us. We will have someone to love, teach, grow, and she will have a family to depend on forever. We look forward to our little girl arriving, but for now, we wait......


  1. I find that the hardest too, thinking about this little person, what does she know? Is she wondering when do I get picked up, how will my life be?? Or are they just oblivious till the moment really?? I mean they get their little gift and such, but how can you imagine a life that you have never been exposed to?? Not easy this waiting!!

  2. hugs from a friend in the wait with ya! Thank God our wait is getting shorter! March 31st is a year for us! :( But GOD IS ABLE! Final funds will be raised quickly and we are going sometime in next 8 weeks! It will happen for you!


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