The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Well, as the week wore on with my sister and her son visiting, the rain continued as the tropical depression was upgraded to Tropical Storm Debby.  But that didn't stop us!  We still had fun and found little windows of time to go to the pool in between the long jags of pouring rain.  We did other fun things like go shopping, watching movies, going to restaurants with arcades (indoor fun for busy kids) and just having fun! 

These little rascals, Joshua and Katie Grace Hua Hua, were so mischievous  at the dentist's office while we waited for Matthew's appt to finish!  Can you just see it in their eyes??  I don't know what got into them, but they were getting into everything they could find.  Of course, the fact that the office was really behind that day and we waited over an hour might have something to do with that!  

My sister Polly getting a lovey moment.  Hua Hua just loved Polly!  I decided Polly was probably just like a mini -me only never said "no"!  :)  

Hua Hua sitting with cousin Aaron.  Cousins are awesome.  

Look at that little face... she's just thinking about what business she can get into next.... 

This is my super - mom award winning moment.  Moms you will really be impressed with me now, I am sure:  So Matthew gave Joshua a GIANT pixie stick.  You know, the long straw, full of flavored sugar??  Only this was a HUGE one.  Well, of course Hua Hua wanted one too, so Joshua offered to share it with her.  Instead of having them "drinking" the sugar out of the long straw and trying to share it (and get sugar all over the floor), I told Joshua to pour it on a plate, I gave them 2 spoons, and they divided it all and ate it just like this.  Yep.  I approved this moment.  Worse yet, it was in the morning.  What a healthy treat.  :)

Pool time, on a morning with a couple of hours of clear skies between the deluge of rains we had all week.  The kids were so excited!!  We have a neighborhood pool just down the street.  Matthew put Hua Hua on his boogie board and took her around for quite awhile.  

Katie Grace, Matthew, Joshua and cousin Aaron all having fun.  (Christina was at Drum Major Camp for the rest of the week)

Something is wrong with my camera.  It has been going blank and shooting blurry.  A lot of pics I took, did not come out.  I am SO upset.  I don't know how long it will last and I just got it last year.  :(  

Cousin Aaron taking Joshua for a tow.  

My little sis, Polly.  Still rocking a bikini and looking awesome!  She is a cutie!  

Matthew giving Hua Hua a kiss.  Sweet big brother!

She was smiling non-stop!  

We walked down to the lake behind the pool to look for gators.  Usually they are hanging around the shore this time of year, but I think the wind and choppy water was keeping them under water.  Joshua wanted to go all the way out on the dock with me to look for them, though.  

My sister, Polly, and Me.  We decided to get a picture together because we realized all of the pics were of the kids this week!!  Of course that's how it is, but it is nice to have one together, isn't it?  You just have to do that!    

Me and Polly.   We bought matching sunglasses because we wanted to be matching sisters.  :)  We always have so much fun on our visits.  I have awesome sisters.  They all live in Colorado.  I am the only one far away.  All of the siblings and our mom and dad live in Colorado.   Polly is the youngest of the 4 girls.  There are 7 siblings in all.  We come from a big, wonderful family!  


  1. I like that the pixie stick came right after the part where you took them to the dentist! too funny.
    I would take the camera back to where you bought it at, I have done that before, there's obviousley something wrong with it, and if they won't help you call the company. Good Luck!

  2. What great times you had, even in spite of the weather! So glad you had time to enjoy your sister and nephew. I'm so thrilled with how Katie Grace is doing, too, post-surgery...what a little fighter! Happy 4th of July!!

  3. Ha Ha!! You are right, Leah, I didn't realize that! That makes it a even more award winning mom moment! Oh Lord!

  4. I like your parenting style:)LOL that's coming from a true sugar addict, so take it for what it's worth! Katie looks awesome! and you and your sister could be twins with those matching sunglasses! Aren't sisters the best! No one "gets" you quite like a sister:) When my sis and me get together I tell her....I'm not leaving till we have at least one laugh til you cry moment:) Those are the best! She says something....then I add to it...and she is totally on the same wave then adds to that...and before you know it we are laughing hysterically!

    Like you, I'm the only one of my family that lives far away:( It really stinks when they all get together without you!:(

  5. Love the pixie stick! If there is left over pizza in the fridge, that's breakfast around here:):):) Looks like it was a great visit!

  6. I love the photos of you and your sis. My sister lives in another state also, though not as far as yours. I love it when she comes to visit!!!
    Katie Grace looks wonderful and so big!! Our girls are growing!!!

  7. Dear Annie,

    I am glad to see you had a great time with your sister and the children.
    I 'm always happy to read about you and your family !
    And little Hua Hua seems to be so healthy now !!!

    By the way it is nice to see you are always wearing t-shirts !!
    Here, we are waiting for the sun :( ;)

    Lots of love,


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