The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


One of my favorite times of year is when my sister, Polly and her son, Aaron come to visit us from Colorado.  They come every summer for a week and we have a great time together just hanging out, visiting and having fun!  

Unfortunately, little did we know, they would arrive during a tropical depression here in Central Florida that has lasted the ENTIRE week.  But that won't stop us!!  We headed out to Cocoa Beach (East Coast) on the 2nd day they arrived and actually had some wonderful sunny hours before the rain started and it was a PERFECT morning!  The kids played and played, we went up to the cafe for lunch, played a little more and headed out just before the storm.  One plus to the weather, the big waves for the boys who wanted to body surf!  The big boys spent the whole time out on their boards!  

Matthew and Cousin, Aaron.   Why did I just take one shot of this and Aaron's eyes are closed?  I should learn to take more than one shot at a time, because it is such a great shot of the boys!  

Hua Hua getting her buckets ready to go down to the water.  Cutie!  

Joshua spent a lot of his time sitting here and making his sand castles!


All my kiddos together for just a moment before they went off to do what they like to do!  I wish I would have gotten cousin Aaron in this shot, but he was up at the towel by Polly at this moment.  

Hua Hua looks like she is in surfing position!  

Love this action shot of Joshua running in the water

Sisters  there in the water (of course Christina is STILL texting).  Cousin Aaron heading out with his boogie board.  

Matthew Catching His Big Wave

Aaron Catching His Big Wave

Joshie Catching His Big Wave

Joshua's castle in progress with shells. 

Joshua and Hua Hua working on the Sand Castle


Cute little feet in the sand

Exhausted baby on the way home

Exhausted everyone on the way home!  


Many hungry children near the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand-click on photo