The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Saturday, July 28, 2012


My sister, Kristy, has a creek near her house where we took the kids out crawdad fishing.  

They had the best time fishing and catching lots of those little creatures!  

First of all, it was so hot in Colorado!  Almost as hot as Central Florida, although not quite.  The temperatures were up to 100 degrees F daily!  No humidity though in Colorado.  We went down to the creek where it was slightly cooler under the trees.  

Matthew jumped in right away with the net and started searching for little creatures.  

Cute little cousin, Levi, was right at home and was showing us exactly the best spots to look!  

Sweet Cousin Aaron was in next cooling his feet in the water.  

Katie Grace Hua Hua got a hold of a fishing stick, put her piece of hot dog on it, and was  ready to fish for crawdads!  She was wanted to catch some quick!  

First she started off the side... 

Well, she wasn't the least bit apprehensive, and was ready to get in the water that was full of those crawdads!  

We have to admit, she had a little bit of a cousin crush on cute cousin, Christian.  ;-) 

Poor Joshua couldn't take it any longer, he was waiting for a pole, as they were all taking turns and her wanted a turn!!!  

Someone got him a pole right away and he was smiling immediately!  

The crawdad catches started happening and in the net they would go and transferred into the bucket.   

Look at that beauty!  

Looks like the cousins have found the best spot.  

Cousin Vanessa, was the only one who was not afraid to pick up the crawdads by hand!  Go girl!  No one was snapped by any claws by the way.  :-) 

At the end of the fishing spree, a grand total of 51 crawdads were caught!  The kids poured them out on the concrete and counted every last one.  Then the let them all go back into the creek!  

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  1. Oh man! You are SO much closer to me.....and yet SO far away: I was Hoping it would work out to see you while you were there, but there is just too much going on. Hugs to you all, and Hope you have a wonderful time with your family!


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