The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Street Child Courtesy Wikipedia 

1 Samuel 2:8

He raises the poor from the dust 
    and lifts the needy from the ash heap;
he seats them with princes
    and has them inherit a throne of honor.
“For the foundations of the earth are the Lord’s;
    on them he has set the world.

No, it's not a post with tons o' sugary sweet pics of my little rascals' faces, in various locations, up to all kinds of crazy antics.  

It is not a post about any exciting events we've attended, with perfectly posed, rare to capture, pics of our fam.   

Although those posts are the most popular.  The most viewed.  The most expected.



From ME.

Don't get me wrong.  Tomorrow, I'm sure you will certainly see a post like that from me again.  Because those are moments to remember and share.  And that's what we do here in blogland.

But something (someone) inside me NEVER STOPS CALLING.  Calling me to something big, new, far away, more difficult, deeper, requiring sacrifice.  Just keeps calling and I think about it ALL THE TIME.

And I feel like the time I spend here posting these pics of a perfectly posed family, of which I will tell you now, we are rarely ever actually a perfectly posed family in real life, is wasting the time I should be spending working toward the goal to which I am being CALLED.  

Do you remember this post a year and a half ago, entitled, "I Have A Secret Dream"? 

Well, everyone told me that after I brought home our daughter from China, and if I continue my volunteer work as a Guardian Ad Litem representing abused and neglected kids in court, and if I started singing in the Worship Team at Church, I should feel as if I had quelled that desire to be A MISSIONARY.  

I mean, that's enough stuff, right??




In fact, I spend most of my free time reading missionary blogs, watching missionary videos, reading missionary books and dreaming of being a missionary.  This has gone on for years.  In fact when a new episode of "Travel The Road" comes on, I'm literally giddy in my stomach with anticipation!

I don't know what it is that we are supposed to do yet.  But there must be something we are supposed to do.  Otherwise, WHY would I always feel this way??  And if you have another plausible answer, please share and relieve me of my earnest desire to GO INTO ALL THE WORLD..!

Yes, and without retelling the post I mentioned earlier,  I understand that it doesn't make sense with my busy family, my husband who loves the Lord but-not-so-sure-missions-is-his-thing, my job, kids, etc.  Non-the-less, the call continues.  

I don't know what or where it is yet, but there is something.  So, then I brainstorm with my husband who smiles at me in a, "sure-I'll-play-along" way...  Ok, I speak okay Spanish, so South America calls.  But we adopted our daughter from China.  So China calls. When I was a child, young missionary Pastor VA Thamy from India would stay with us on many occasions.  His young wife, Miriamma Thampy, came as well one year.  Pastor Thampy would tell us amazing stories of India, show us pictures, and pray over us.  So India is close to us and calls.  I've always had a heart for Africa, so that would be amazing... Where??  

Maybe I am to start or be a part of some sort of International Outreach??  I do know it will be helping to feed and care for the orphan and the poor.  Who knows what it will be?!  Well, GOD knows, of course!!  

Ok, just have to get that off my chest to you all at least once a year. That way IF WE EVER DO GO.  You won't say..."Where did that come from??"  

Job 30:25
Have I not wept for those in trouble? 
    Has not my soul grieved for the poor?

Job 29:12
because I rescued the poor who cried for help,
    and the fatherless who had none to assist them.


  1. I can't wait to see where God leads you and what He has in store for you and your family!

  2. This is so exciting to read about! Gush all you want! :) I know exactly what you are talking about. I think it IS God that puts that on your heart. Even if he didn't, all Christians have already been given the command to Go into all the world and make disciples, so you are only wanting to follow His Word in obedience. The commission has already been given. It's really just a matter of obedience after that. This post reminds me to continue to pray for you and your family! China, Africa, India - now those are the places to be! Can't wait to see what becomes of this. hugs, your friend, Chris :):)

  3. Sounds exciting there is something that you need to do maybe its just not time yet, I"m sure your brainstorming will continue.

  4. Oh boy, Annie, do I hear ya! There is that something inside me that just won't let me rest unless I feel like I have done what ever it was the Lord has laid out for me that day! Right now, it is the orphans in China but who knows what it will be next year or even next month! I just cannot wait to see where He leads YOU sweet Annie!

  5. Wow that is quite a strong calling. WIth time, your path will come into focus. I enjoy all your posts:)

  6. Thank you, girls! I love your encouraging remarks!

    Chris, your blog has always been one of my favs as I follow your awesome family out on the mission field!

    Annie Hamlin, you are an inspiration with your mission of advocating for waiting children!

  7. "If you've come here to help me, you're wasting your time. But if you've come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together."
    — Lilla Watson

    :) This quote reminds me of you.

  8. ohhh nice qoute, cousin!!! I have not heard it. Love that!!

    P.S. You have inspired me so much during your mission in Georgetown. I love how much you love God and others so easily. You are a true missionary.

  9. I LOVE your heart, Annie! God will lead you in HIS time and in HIS way...never stop asking God to show you what He is trying to tell you!!

  10. I loved seeing so many posts from you this summer :) Thank you for your prayers and kind words. It meant a lot to me.

    The Lord will show you what to's never easy to sit back and wait when you are itching to jump in.

  11. Oh Annie...I have the same dream...I imagine me working with God in the countryside of a village in China OR Africa OR South America. I have a friend who does a yearly missionary trip to El Salvador...I too wish I had the answers!


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