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The Crew
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The True Spirit of Christmas - You HAVE to read my friend Amy's post about HER Christmas.

Just hop over to her post for just a quick few seconds, I swear you'll be hooked to read the rest!!

Many who read my blog are in the adoption community or just have a heart for the orphan. As I have expressed on a few occasions, being a true missionary is something I feel I may have somehow missed out on, although adoption and representing children in court is definitely a form of mission work! I still am so enthralled and drawn to the true missionary; living out their life on the mission field, just their family, the needs of the people, and God are what they live daily. As you can see by my favorite books list on my side bar, this is what read about often!

Amy at Amy's Assorted Adventures lives it. She and her family picked up and moved to Zambia and run an orphanage. If you have a moment, go over and read her post, The Other Side Of Christmas Week and then The Other Side Of Christmas Week Part Two and experience her heart wrenching and joyful post and what it means to live out the true spirit of Christmas by giving of yourself fully.

Go Amy!

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  1. Thank you, Annie! Thank you for being a cheerleader for those of us on the field. We need you too!


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