The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I was only able to post a quick update after surgery. This post is a little more detailed for those who have been asking.

Also, I am adding just a few precious photos of our little angel. I know she is so delicate as she is recovering, but if you saw the fight she put up after surgery, pulling out her breathing tube and yelling for me, fighting the nurses, even after they gave her medication that would "calm her down in a minute" NOT, you will know what strong girl she is. She is a survivor. She was back to playing and giggling again by the time we arrived home the following day, in fact it has been hard to get her to not "jump, run, or climb."!

When we received Katie Grace's file for adoption, we knew of 2 heart defects. A VSD and PFO. These are usually considered minor or correctable. In other words, these holes could close as she is growing, she could just live fine with them or if necessary, the VSD could be closed and this is done often and successfully. The PFO is usually left alone. We also knew that she had Pulmonary Hypertension which is common with a VSD.

Upon her 1st visit to the cardiologist. We found her VSD to be very large. Much larger than most, causing much stress to her lungs and damage. The cardiologist said she needed surgery in order to have a full life, but that her lungs probably wouldn't allow the surgery. This was very concerning news.

Upon her 1st visit to the cardiac surgeon, they also detected a 3rd defect. An ASD. On more hole on the anterior. (you can google all of these defects to get more details if interested). He scheduled that Cardiac Catheterization to be done immediately. This specialist however felt she would be a candidate for surgery. This was encouraging!

During cardiac catheterization surgery, they found yet 1 more defect, a PDA. Now a total of 4 defects. This one will also need a repair. They also found the lungs to have sustained damage, HOWEVER the heart and lungs were giving pressure. This is good! The Dr believed she will still be able to receive surgery and will meet w/his team this week to discuss if they agree she can handle surgery, when she will have it, and what type of patch they will put on the VSD. The bad news is, her lungs are struggling and have a small amount of time to get this done. The good news is, the type of pulmonary disease can be reversed, if she has surgery, with medication over time.

We will hear from the Dr in the next few days and they will give us a surgery date. She will need to have open heart surgery in 3-4 weeks. Keep this in your prayers and that again, she will stay well and free from any cold. My oldest daughter now has the cold that has gone through the house, UGH!

Thank you for your love and prayers!


  1. scary yet promising
    HOpe she can make it thru without the crummy colds, I have one on a nebulizer now.
    Are they only talking about patching one at a time?
    Its amazing how much energy she has when you know her little body is working so hard to keep up with her. Will be hoping those germs pass her by and let her have a successful heart surgery so she can run marathons and jump hurdles.

  2. Thanks for updating, Annie! Our God is able, and I know He has tremendously perfect plans for Katie Grace and your family. Praying here in PA!

  3. Oh annie...I hadn't checked for a few days so am just finding out now!! I will continue to pray that God will heal little Katie Grace's heart. I will also pray for you because I know that Mama's have a very hard time when their little ones have to have such serious surgeries!! I am thinking of you and praying!!!

  4. praying so hard! GOD IS ABLE!!!!! :) He has her heart in His hands! :)

  5. Thank you for posting this update. I'm so glad to hear that God is working in her little life--continuing to pray for FULL recovery!

  6. I am so sorry I haven't left you a message, but we have been praying for Katie Grace and thinking of ya'll often. Thanks for the update. Poor thing, I know she had to have been scared, but she has also been so brave. It sounds like there is a very good chance she will have surgery ! Praise God !!!

  7. thank you for the update on your sweet girl. Sending prayers your way.

  8. Will be praying for healing and safety! May she be made whole, just as she was when she became a part of your family!

  9. Hopefully, she is a candidate for surgery. I would get a second opinion if the say shebis not Atlanta is number thee in the nation and Boston being number one. I have seen miracles when it comes to these kind of things. We have two children with CHD. Roman had tof and was repaired in 2007 and will need another surgery down the line and our baby has vsd with pfo. If you need support, there are many great websites which you can find links too via my blog.

  10. Annie, we are praying for Hua Hua. Sorry I haven't been posting more often. We are still settling in at home. I hope you will continue to let us know how she is doing. These girls are so strong and such fighters! Love and prayers.


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