The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wonderful Christmas Moments!

Well I have good news and bad news about the pics I have from Christmas. The good news is, I have pics from Christmas! The bad news is, we COULD NOT locate ONE camera in this house on Christmas Eve. So we had to take some photos with Matthew's Ipod touch. Can you imagine??? Well, I had my camera, but couldn't find the charger and the battery was dead and we couldn't find the other 2 cameras. Boo :( , Soooo some of these pics are low quality and Matthew was taking them which leads to the fact that I have only 1 pic with Matthew in it. Otherwise, we had a wonderful and blessed time!!

Hua Hua and Joshua, cute as buttons underneath the tree. Love those faces!

Just had to post this pic. Hua was NOT having this moment. She and Josh play together non stop, but sometimes he really is a rascal. He kept putting his hand on her shoulder and she did not want him to. Look at his face and at hers!

Christina joined them to make this moment so sweet! Just wish Matthew was there too and it would have been perfect!

Joshua and Hua Hua opening their first present addressed to both of them from Lolli and Pops.

It was a wooden Nativity! So cool and fun to play with!

Then a very special couple of presents. They each received a wooden growth chart to hang on their bedroom walls, handmade by Pops! Joshua's has dinosaurs on it! He loved it!

Hua Hua's had Minnie Mouse and the Gang on it! She LOVES Minnie Mouse!

Hua Hua opening a gift! She is asking me, what is it????

Joshua received a Kinex Double Shot Rollercoaster from Santa!! He was excited about that!!

Matthew with a new Lego Kit. The boys love to work on Lego kits.

Christina with a gift card! What better gift for a teenage girl?? Go Santa! She sure looks cute in the morning.

A Lego/Dinosaur creation by Joshua. Both people are being eaten.....

Hua Hua put on that adorable Tutu sent to her by Mimi and wore it all day! She loved pushing her new dolly in the new dolly stroller!

Have I mentioned how much she likes to eat??? She LIKES to eat! She is always the first one at a table even if you are just starting a meal, LOL! Here she is, as she saw me setting the Christmas table, she was ready to eat!!

I know this picture is terrible quality, but I just had to add it. Hua Hua just looks so cute in her Panda Bear hat and Tutu Leotard and Christmas Bib.... :)


  1. It looks like a very merry christmas indeed, my pictures are all poor quality as well but I don't care it captured some moments regardless. Hoping the sickies stay away so that your little miss can get to her appointment.

  2. Those are adorable! I love the second picture :) You can just see how annoyed she is!

  3. All I can say is TOTAL CUTENESS!
    Blessings to you all!

  4. What great moments and memories from your first Christmas with Hua Hua! Blessings!

  5. Even though some pics are blurry, we can catch the spirit of Joy in your house this Xmas season!! Happy New Year to you all!!


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