The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Friday, December 16, 2011

UPDATE on Hua Hua's Heart and late coming Thanksgiving Pics!

So you may have noticed that the date for Katie Grace Hua Hua's Lung and Heart Catheterization Surgery was to be on Dec 14th which was to determine if she would be able to have the heart surgery she needs. We went into the Hospital on the 13th for her pre-surgery work up and the Cardio surgeon decided that we would postpone the catheterization for 3-4 weeks due to the fact that KG recently had a cough and cold. She had just gotten over it and was free from coughing but he said that if there was any remaining inflammation in the lungs due to the cough, that could cause complications. He wanted her to have at least 3-4 weeks free of a cold. We of course want to do what will be best but it is hard to wait to find out if she is going to have the life saving surgery she needs! Please pray that she will stay well for the next 3 weeks because these kids keep bringing home colds and it is really getting frustrating!

This Dr was not the same Dr we saw originally. This Dr is the director of the entire Cardio unit at AHP and specializes in Pediatric cardio care. He had more positive words and outlook for us and we felt encouraged by our visit. He felt she may indeed be a candidate for the surgery she needs, but of course we won't know for sure until the cath. God is so good though and has a good plan for her life!

One unfortunate part is that the Dr believes they detected yet a 3rd heart defect on her cardio echo sonogram. So for you "heart" parents, in addition to her VSD and PFO, he believe there may also be an ASD. The ASD though, can also be closed in surgery as well if she can have the surgery, so it is correctable, so that is a positive within the negative.

Sorry, I am so behind on blogging, but here are are a few fun pics from Thanksgiving!

Joshua and his classmates worked hard on studying American Indians and making costumes for their Thanksgiving presentation.

Joshua insisted, the night before the celebration, that I "dress as a Pilgrim", LOL! Well, I had no Pilgrim clothes so thankfully his teacher had a spare bonnet for me to borrow!

Hua Hua excited to share in the feast with the kids at school!

Just a cute pic of Hua Hua having a doughnut at church! So sweet is she!

Thanksgiving at Jacob's parents lake house is such a special time! The kids loved every minute!! Katie Grace loved her first bite of fried turkey (Pop"s style) and all of the fixins!


  1. I will continue to pray for good news. Please let us know when you have a new date!! Thanks for dropping a note on my blog!!!!

  2. Annie, Praying that Katie Grace (Hua Hua) stays cold free and strong for her heart catherization. I'm thankful you have a more positive doctor. Sonia over @ , youngest son from China just had a similar procedure. He flew from China and went straight to the hospital. Her husband is in the military and they recently moved to Florida. He is home now after his surgery and I'm sure Sonia could tell you more what to expect from the mama angle! Praying always, Vicky

  3. Oh I so hope that the colds don't come back to your house and that soon she can go in for the surgery she needs! Prayers coming your way!!
    Love the Thanksgiving pics!!

  4. I have been thinking about you guys alot I knew thwe appointment was a ways away so was just waiting and hoping for good news. Sorry you have to wiat some more, did you tell him good luck on the kids not being sick its always just one thing after another when they around little kids in the winter. HOpe she gets clear from colds so they can check her out and Ok her for her surgery. Merry Christmas!

  5. I've been wondering about how it was going. I'll be praying for your sweetie.

    Love the Thanksgiving really rock a bonnet :)

  6. Hi Annie, Just a note to say that my prayers continue for Katie Grace! Trusting and believing God to do some amazing things in Katie Grace's situation! Nothing is impossible for him, and I think he loves to show up especially when He is being given the honor and glory for what is being done.


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