The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Back at the end of March just before Hua Hua's surgery, we had Spring Break.  The boys went to Mobile to visit their grandparents and the girls stayed home with me!  We had a fun girls' week and one of our fun days was going to Epcot for the day!  I haven't had a chance to post the pics from that day until now! 

So, I love that the new blogger set up allows me to post larger pics, but I am SO IRRITATED that I cannot rearrange the order of the pics once I have uploaded them!! UGH!  I tried to drag them and only a couple would drag and then only so far and then some doubled up and wouldn't go farther.  WHY would this not be sophisticated enough to allow us to drag them into order??  Anyway, the pics I posted I had hoped to be in order of our day, but they are all over the place.  Fun anyway!

By the way,  Katie Grace Hua Hua is doing great since her surgery!!  She has been running and playing as if nothing happened.  She is still just a little tender in her chest if you lift her near there, so we are just careful, but otherwise, she has never mentioned any pain.  She has oxygen sats of 98 at her last check up!  She doesn't really care about her incision or mention very often unless it is just matter of fact.  She is doing very well.  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts!!  

1st we started with breakfast at Perkins before we went into Epcot!  Yummy!!!

Hua Hua's favorite friend??  Minnie Mouse!!!!  She was SO excited and we got extra special treatment!!!!  

Minnie Mouse made it clear to me (mom) that we were "good friends" ;-) !!  I work at Disney too.   She jumped up and down and ran over and hugged me and hugged Hua Hua and Christina and made a big scene!!  I know the people were thinking,  "what is that all  about??  Ha Ha!!!  I think Hua Hua was wondering why Minnie loved mama so much too!!

Kisses from Donald Duck!!  He isn't always a grump!  

Christina is certainly not too old to have pics with her favorites too!!  

We went to see the Chinese Acrobats in the China Pavilion!  We loved their show!

They were amazing!  They were a different group than years before.  Many of the guys were the same, but no more little girls.  I miss the little girls, but these women were fantastic.  

Time for a snack!!  Christina's choice!

Mom's Choice!

Sorry, back at breakfast!  (told you I couldn't rearrange the photos!)  She was SO excited about this balloon!  Kept it for weeks!  

Katie Grace's Choice!  

The girls with The Big Cheese!  

On the tram heading into Epcot!  (again with the out of order here, blah!)  She was so excited!!  

When you ride SpaceShip Earth  (the big silver ball that is the trademark ride for Epcot), you can program a story about yourself as the ride happens and at the end they show you in the story.  Here are the girls on that ride.  You can see me holding up Hua Hua!  

A beautiful time to visit Epcot.  The Flower and Garden Festival!!!  

Stopped to see one of my favorite shows at the UK Pavilion.  The World Showcase Players in King Arthur and The Holy Grail! That is Art, Sarah and Karl with the girls!  Very funny show!!! 

My little princess with Sleeping Beauty!  

My grown-up princess with Sleeping Beauty!  

Come give Pluto a hug!!! 

More of the Flower and Garden Festival!  


  1. What an amazing Day that must of been Annie! So thankful to here how well Katie Grace is healing! Praise the Lord.

  2. Oh Annie, it looks like such a great day! Hua Hua is just SO cute. I am thrilled that she is doing so well!

  3. Loved the pics of Epcot! We LOVE Epcot! I always get the float funny!

    We plan to go to Mickey's Christmas Party in December...maybe we can meet up?

  4. I would LOVE that Gretchen!!!!! Let's do it!!!

  5. This post made me so happy :) I love seeing her happy, healthy and having fun! God is Good!

  6. What great fun!!! Next time we get to FL we will have to meet up with you again at one of the parks. Someday I want to actually stay at a Disney resort and have the total Disney experience. It may not be until Dave and I are old and gray, but it will happen!! SOOOO glad Hua Hua is doing SOOOO well after her surgery...praise God!!

  7. So happy to hear that Katie Grace is healing well! Loved her smiles in all the pictures! What a fun day!

  8. Hello Annie!

    I am so happy to read so great news about your little Hua Hua :-)

    Lots of love.

  9. Hello friends:) Looks like such a fun day! I haven't been to Disney for 15 years! I convinced my husband that our 7 and 5 year old could ride space mountain....we stood in line for an hour with them...and they took one look at that thing flying around in the dark and said NO WAY!! So I went with my sister while he took them out. He was not happy with me! Ha Ha. You and your girls are all just beautiful:) So thankful for God's healing hand on your little Hua Hua! So funny how we feel like we know you all and have never actually met! We really need to remedy that!LOL Who's planning a reunion? As long as it's a short flight....I'll come. The memory of that 15 hr. trek is still a little too fresh:(

  10. Hehe, Judy!! I know, we feel like we have become so close!! We have to get together someday soon!

  11. someday someday we will venture to the most happiest place on earth!


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