The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick addendum and edit to the last boo hoo post this morning.. :)

So when I said that no one has come by to visit or has even called me and mentioned only two that had, I had failed to mention that Jacob's parents were here when we got home and have been SO helpful! They have been beyond wonderful! I didn't add them to the visitors because they had been a part of the welcome home and well, just part of the family! But when I read my previous post, it sounded as though I left them out. I just assume everyone knows they are a part of the family and always here for us, but I should never just take that for granted or assume everyone knows how awesome they are! Anyway, I just wanted to correct that.

Also, I think I am just having sort of one of those boo hoo downer days, so don't take this too seriously! In fact, I was thinking... We have only been home a little over 3 weeks, but we adopted Katie Grace 6 weeks ago. So the fact that no one here locally has called me or to ask if they might see her, is not that unusual if you think of only 3 weeks for goodness sakes! It just feels longer to me. Like Leah said on her comment, they may feel like we need time to settle in. And we did, I could just use a little diversion from playing dollies hour after hour now! So..........

This morning, after writing my last post, I remembered my dear friend Karin wanted to do some playdates soon. She is a friend who I work with at Disney who pretty much stays at home now with her 2 year old daughter and lives about 20 minutes away. So I called and sure enough she was ready and going crazy for someone to come over! I headed over and the girls played for 2 hours. Karin is Japanese so she made noodles which is Hua Hua's favorite and we all ate with chopsticks and everyone was so happy for the company. We are planning to do this 2 days a week!


  1. This is wonderful Annie! This made me smile knowing that you were getting out of the house and that Katie Grace had someone her age to play with! Way to go!

  2. YAY, I really think most people just assume that you need time together as a family and some kids don't bond as well after being in an orphange, youjust never know each kid is different. Iknew you had family that had been there but I understand that now you are ready for people to come and yet I don't think they know it yet.
    When we came home with Benjamin we had people over right away since we had him from the start and I blogged about friends and family coming by. I got a phone call from my sister in law who didn't know she was allowed to come yet, because I had been so against people coming over when Maya came home, less for her sake and more for Joe who hadn't really seen either one of us for 8 months. So sometimes people just assume you are very busy. You should have a little come meet our little sister party.

  3. We've been home 4 weeks with our newest daughter...she is #8 with our age range from 6-23. I am so blessed to be with her, and bond...but bored out of my gourd at times! We have had to ease into time with my friends and their kids (she loves being home, and is still timid with anything new), but it has been worth the effort. I often find the thing I think I need is the thing I can give someone else (like when you visited Karin.)


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