The Crew

The Crew
Christina, Matthew, Joshua and Katie Grace XiHua

Monday, October 10, 2011


So I had this plan to post a whole bunch of awesome pics of all of our fall football activities, because if you have followed me for any length of time you will know that we are all about football around here! First of all, I will say War Eagle! We are Auburn fans! We watch college football every Saturday (well all weekend long really) and try to be festive and wear our Auburn Orange and Navy for the games, but that is after a long morning and afternoon of Pee Wee football supporting the Ridge Lightening, Matthew's team, and the night before that, the Ridge Community High School Bolts football team, where Christina marches in the marching band. So we are at practice ALL week for one child or another and at games ALL weekend ALL fall long.

The only problem is, I really don't have many awesome pics like I had planned. Every time I have everyone dressed up in their game day colors, it rains or I forget the camera, or the photos come out bad. So I just decided I will start posting what I have today and go from there!

Today is dedicated to Christina's and Marching Band. As you can see these are early season pics because they aren't even in full uniform yet. Also, a couple cute pics of her in her homecoming dress.

2 fun videos too. More fall football pics to come. :)

This first video is Christina's band in the stands during the game. Last year they had a band almost twice this size but with cut backs in the arts in schools, a lot of the seniors moved on and not as many young musicians came in from middle schools. They still have a great band and a great program though! They have so much fun. You can see Tina with her sax on the end near the middle.

I'm glad that when Jacob volunteers to help the band each week, he can really go the extra mile! He was formerly the Drum Major for Auburn University and so when the HS Drum Majors had to leave the other night, he was able to take over for a few minutes and lead the band!

Homecoming dress pics I found on her desktop :)

An unusual moment of the whole family together in one spot!!!


  1. Love the video's! The dress was fabulous! So cute to see Katie Grace calling for her sister!


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