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The Crew
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Monday, April 20, 2009

WHY NOT DOMESTIC FOR US? (click here if you are interested in domestic adoption!)

. A very good question that some might ask, "Why not domestic?"  I will try to answer as briefly as possible, although I could write so much about it as I have considered it painstakingly!  About 10 years ago, I tried to adopt a little girl domestically, who turned out to be from such a traumatic situation that she was not able to be placed in a home with siblings.  My heart mourned for this girl and I was so angry that someone had ruined a little girl, so that she could not have a future with us. Recently when I started researching this current adoption, I still poured over the domestic listings and found that:
- Many people in America are on waiting lists for a healthy child under 4 of any race.  They will almost surely be adopted.
-I have not seen a listing for a healthy or minor special needs child under 4 without a sibling group and we just cannot take in many children for lack of space!
-I have several friends with beautiful special needs children, but my family's demands on time and our finances are not prepared for that path right now, if possible.  I have to be fair to my family's needs and honest about what we can handle.  It takes a lot of time and resources to raise a child with special needs.  Of course, we're aware there will be needs of even a "healthy" orphan and we will be prepared for who God brings us in any case.  
-We are really hoping for a young child who falls in line age- wise, because it works out best for our family dynamic and especially for bedroom sharing! 
-It can take several years for a child in the "System" to be fully released for adoption in the U.S.
-As a Guardian Ad Litem, I am trying to make a difference domestically and am well aware of the lonliness and challenges of a child in the system.  However, in the U.S.,in almost all cases, the children are being fed, clothed, getting an education, medical, and have resources.  I know it's not ideal, but they have some hope for a future.
-In many countries around the world, an orphan's life can be deplorable and filled with hunger, disease and neglect, with absolutely no resources for their future.  
If I could, I would save them all!

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